Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015, Year of the Family

Happy new year yall! 

With the new year comes new plans, new initiatives, new goals and new hopes. In the past I've put so much of myself into other people, groups, activities and put myself and my family last. I was raised a Christian woman and by Christian values of community service, always doing for others in need, and putting my needs behind those. As a mother you also put your children above yourself. This is not necessarily the right way to do things but the way I've done them. 

I pride myself in being that trustworthy, reliable and always willing to help. I love being the one to lean on. I love helping people. I love seeing faces and watching moments knowing I got to help make that possible. That's truly unmeasurable. I love giving of myself. But there comes a time when that has to be put on hold.

After a horribly rough year where my life was in jeopardy with some insane internal health issues and many other bumps in the road my eyes and heart have changed. 

This year I'm doing things differently. My family will come before anything or anyone else. I will not apologize for this nor will I feel guilty for it. My life as well as my marriage, my finances, my relationship with my children need my attention and I'm going to give priority to them. 

So this year I've labeled the year of The Family, in hopes that with renewed focus I can teach my kids a few things, grow my marriage, continue to get well, meet some goals. 

Please support me, my family and the challenges we are soon to face. Your love, appreciation and support are so needed and so helpful.