Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Time for some writing

Anyone else out there been married longer than 10 yrs and never had a full 365 days  with your spouse, I mean seeing them daily, normal life stuff ? It's almost been 15 yrs and to this day we have not been on a regular, see each other daily schedule for 365 days straight yet! 

It's sad really. The rough part is the fact that with military families this is normal. Having lived this life for 15 yrs now I can tell you that every single day away is no less easy than those years ago. No matter where he is if it's Greensboro, NC or Baghdad every single day takes it toll. Military families endure serious hardship that most Americans will ever accept, see or experience themselves. 

All the trips away cause the same issues at home. You have rebeling children, sad children, angry children, frustrated spouse, overworked spouse, annoyed spouse, empty spouse, panic stricken pets, and a whole host of other issues. Not to mention all the crap that breaks, dies, falls apart, overflows or clogs. It's fun, no really, it's loads of fun. 

Military life is difficult and I could go into a whole week long essay of issues but today it's about separation, continued separation and the effects it has had on the families left behind. 

Find a spouse or child and let them know you care about them, offer your services, order take-out for them, go mow their lawn, wash their car or anything that could lighten the load they carry daily. If you ask if she/he is deployed and they say no remember it's the same no matter what it's called, TDY, deployment, trip, training. Doesn't matter. 

Do something to help them out!