Friday, June 7, 2013

We are homeowners or so we thought....

Hey everyone, so yesterday was a big day in the Haskins world. We moved to San Antonio and we closed on our house. It was an awesome day. While at the closing table we noticed the sellers costs as per the contract were wrong on the closing papers. They were shorting us $200. Doesn't sound that bad but in our world that's a lot of money. So after the title company got that fixed we were good to go. After signing we ate lunch where we ran into someone we were stationed with 13 yrs ago. Crazy, right? Then we got our key and went HOME. What an amazing feeling that was. I was elated while Zeus was Mr. Negative. Such a sour puss some times, ok so most times. Anyways I was happy. Then today after I dropped him at work and started cleaning bathrooms my phone rang, it was the title company. "Mrs Haskins we've got a problem." Ok go on,  "ma'am our numbers aren't adding up and we are short." Ok " ma'am we are going to need you to bring us $2100 more dollars by 4:30. Plus you and your husband need to come sign 4 more pages." I'm like what. Most of you know that after a buyer signs his name that the lender releases money and that both lender and title company have signed their portion and double checked their stuff. Then I'm frustrated an they say they'll call back with an exact number. Then the realtor calls to tell me what she's been told. I tell her my dilemma ( one car, carpet cleaners at my house, Zeus in high profile position and can't get away). She'll call me back she says. Continue cleaning then mortgage company calls. She says that it's the title company fault. Blah blah blah, this goes on several more times. Title company calls again ( after an hour or so)  this time asking for $2200, then another call (40 mins later) they ask for $2300. Now this is after we paid our closing costs and signed yesterday, got funding released and have keys. Then title company says I need to wire money by 4:30pm mind you it's already after 2pm and we still have to both sign 4 documents and I have carpet cleaners. After me and Zeus calling each other, mortgage company, realtor and title company multiple times the title company agrees to courier the docs to me. Little did I know it was my realtor. She came to my house and we read the documents and low and beyond the numbers still don't add up and the cost went up another time. By this time I'm crying and am ready to hang someone. More phone calls ensue with more "I don't  knows". I'm livid. We finally get a explanation and final number and its 3:40pm. We have to drive  30 mins to Zeus work, have him sign and then I have to drive back to our bank and wire more money( keeping in mind it's another wire fee). So then realtor drives to title company to drop off paperwork. All this during a wicked storm with blinding rain.  What a thrilling day and on top of all this blaming, ignorance and stupidity Zeus and I have to drive up to Fort Worth to tonight to get our babies, pick up the uhaul and bring back all our inherited household goods. USAA, the mortgage company and Independence Title, the title company both should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of customer service and incompetence. So we, a military family, suffer for a civilians mistake. Sounds about right. Neither offered to help us or own up to the MAJOR mistake. I'm losing faith in relying on others. Sad. So buying a house turned happiness into bitterness.

Long story short, my house didn't get clean today and our house cost us significantly more by surprise. Nice.

This has been the worst move of our career. And we still haven't gotten our stuff yet. Say a prayer.