Thursday, May 30, 2013

On the move (again)

Can't believe we are homeless again! We left St Louis a week ago and are in between houses. It was great to see my family again too. I've been able to help my mom in many ways but I've also caused quite the rucus as well. Not just anyone brings 4 kids anywhere they go. A reminder again why we don't go very many places. I'm super frustrated as things never go as planned when a military family PCSs. It's a terrible time for us to move. So much happening around us and all I can do is "just keep swimming". I'm ready for normalcy. I'm ready for the kids to have there own things. I'm ready for the kids to feel comfortable and at ease and not stressed or worried. Life is funny. Stepped up to help but I'm sure it's been more chaos than help. What can I do? 

Zeus and I will close on our house soon and then we can make a place our own, a place to relax and seek comfort. I'm grateful Zeus has the patience of a saint. Even though he drives me bonkers some times. 

Traveling is stressful. I never enjoy moving but it's fun to visit new places and always fun to make new friends. I miss the old ones terribly. 

Say a prayer that the stress will calm very soon.