Thursday, April 25, 2013


Wow, So tonight I was looking at some pictures as I was going through the online photos. Most of you know that I have a ridiculous obsession with photos. Tonight I sit here in the quiet house thinking as we prepare to pack up and move again to another duty station about all the places we have been.

At each base we have met some amazing people. I have been honored to make some awesome friends along the way too. But I also lost many friends along the way and my heart hurts that some of the walked away. I can't go back and change history, even though I wish that was my super power. I wish I could though. I have made many new friends but can not replace the old ones. Even though the ones who chose to walk away may not think of me, I do think of them and cherish the memories that were made with them. I look forward to the new base as I hope we will continue to make new friends and keep the good ones close.

Its amazing God's plans for us as we move through life. I know he has a plan for us and that he watches over me every step of the way. But that doesn't stop the burning feeling or frustration of losing someone you loved. In the military our friends become our family and when a close one walks away you feel like they died. Not a good or fun feeling.

Anyways, I have made some great ones here at Scott AFB and hope to make a few more at Lackland AFB when we get there next month.

Wish us luck.
The Haskins