Friday, March 15, 2013

Haskins are moving AGAIN

Well folks we have been notified that our family is needed in the great state of Texas. Zeus put in for a position while he was deployed to Afghanistan. We both figured it was a long shot. We had little expectation. But in mid February we were informed he was chosen for the position.

We have been so very busy at our house. This last month I was 9 months pregnant dealing with a rather difficult pregnancy. So Zeus and I spent twice a week at the doctors office and many times in the hospital for a few hours. Got to be very overwhelming. But last week I delivered at 36wks a 5lb 9oz 18.5 oz baby boy, nickname Coconut via C-section as a surrogate just 2 days after my sister delivered a healthy baby girl in Hawaii. Coconut will return to his parents and his home in Seattle this weekend.

I was also honored to be named the 688 IOW Key Spouse of the Year during all this commotion. I'm thrilled that my hard work and willingness to serve did not go unnoticed. It stinks to leave now that I've got a successful group going.

The day before delivery Omega and Ziggy both had oral surgery to have some unwanted baby teeth removed. Just after delivery Zero got her bottom braces put on.

 Like I said, its been rather nuts around here.

So, once I recover we will be full throttle to move. We plan to leave right after the kids finish with school in late May. I'm an emotional mess. I have many things in my head about this move. I'm excited that my family will be within driving distance. That is so wonderful. But with a move always comes the unknown of where we will live, where will the kids go to school, what will Zeus' job  require, what kind of unit will we be a part of and many other questions. It's always sad to leave our friends and neighbors. Zeus' co-workers here have been awesome. I've appreciated our time here and look forward to being able to see a new unit. I'm trying to keep it together and push forward through the unknown. But the military is a mobile way of life for us and so many others.

So here we go, like it or not we are less than 90 days or 10 weeks from moving.