Sunday, August 4, 2013


As we all sit here planning Zeus' Gmas funeral I have to think of the things we cherish. You know, most people would say the American Dream is to own your own home, have a job and enjoy vacations to be happy. After this rough week, I'm surprised that many people aren't just happy with their family. I've said this before but I'll say it again your job, your house, your jewels will mean nothing nor will be there when you join Jesus in heaven. Your family will be the ones holding your hand asking God to make it quick and will be crying by your side. 

Your bosses won't be there. Your car dealer won't be there. No teacher will be there. No jeweler, hairdresser or personal shopper will be there. Nope. It's your family. 
Take pride in your work as a family member, whatever that is Mother/Father/ Brother/Sister/Daughter/Son/Aunt/Uncle/Cousin. Each place you hold in your family is important. The love you share will surround you later. You know the phrase you reap what you sow, well it's true. You show kindness to your family and they too will show you kindness. 

If you're like Gma from the moon, your sarcasm, unique phrases, signs of love will continue for generations. And they may even make a few people laugh. 

Call your loved ones. Write your loved ones. Attend celebrations. Eat together. Go visit them, even if you are terrified of that plane ride. Take pictures. Record video of family moments. Each of these things you will cherish when your family member passes away. 

Gma was loved and showered others with love. We will miss her. 

Shirley Elaine Haskins Huffman
Jan 6, 1932- July 30, 2013

I hope I live my life full of love and kindness to all my family.

Friday, June 7, 2013

We are homeowners or so we thought....

Hey everyone, so yesterday was a big day in the Haskins world. We moved to San Antonio and we closed on our house. It was an awesome day. While at the closing table we noticed the sellers costs as per the contract were wrong on the closing papers. They were shorting us $200. Doesn't sound that bad but in our world that's a lot of money. So after the title company got that fixed we were good to go. After signing we ate lunch where we ran into someone we were stationed with 13 yrs ago. Crazy, right? Then we got our key and went HOME. What an amazing feeling that was. I was elated while Zeus was Mr. Negative. Such a sour puss some times, ok so most times. Anyways I was happy. Then today after I dropped him at work and started cleaning bathrooms my phone rang, it was the title company. "Mrs Haskins we've got a problem." Ok go on,  "ma'am our numbers aren't adding up and we are short." Ok " ma'am we are going to need you to bring us $2100 more dollars by 4:30. Plus you and your husband need to come sign 4 more pages." I'm like what. Most of you know that after a buyer signs his name that the lender releases money and that both lender and title company have signed their portion and double checked their stuff. Then I'm frustrated an they say they'll call back with an exact number. Then the realtor calls to tell me what she's been told. I tell her my dilemma ( one car, carpet cleaners at my house, Zeus in high profile position and can't get away). She'll call me back she says. Continue cleaning then mortgage company calls. She says that it's the title company fault. Blah blah blah, this goes on several more times. Title company calls again ( after an hour or so)  this time asking for $2200, then another call (40 mins later) they ask for $2300. Now this is after we paid our closing costs and signed yesterday, got funding released and have keys. Then title company says I need to wire money by 4:30pm mind you it's already after 2pm and we still have to both sign 4 documents and I have carpet cleaners. After me and Zeus calling each other, mortgage company, realtor and title company multiple times the title company agrees to courier the docs to me. Little did I know it was my realtor. She came to my house and we read the documents and low and beyond the numbers still don't add up and the cost went up another time. By this time I'm crying and am ready to hang someone. More phone calls ensue with more "I don't  knows". I'm livid. We finally get a explanation and final number and its 3:40pm. We have to drive  30 mins to Zeus work, have him sign and then I have to drive back to our bank and wire more money( keeping in mind it's another wire fee). So then realtor drives to title company to drop off paperwork. All this during a wicked storm with blinding rain.  What a thrilling day and on top of all this blaming, ignorance and stupidity Zeus and I have to drive up to Fort Worth to tonight to get our babies, pick up the uhaul and bring back all our inherited household goods. USAA, the mortgage company and Independence Title, the title company both should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of customer service and incompetence. So we, a military family, suffer for a civilians mistake. Sounds about right. Neither offered to help us or own up to the MAJOR mistake. I'm losing faith in relying on others. Sad. So buying a house turned happiness into bitterness.

Long story short, my house didn't get clean today and our house cost us significantly more by surprise. Nice.

This has been the worst move of our career. And we still haven't gotten our stuff yet. Say a prayer. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

On the move (again)

Can't believe we are homeless again! We left St Louis a week ago and are in between houses. It was great to see my family again too. I've been able to help my mom in many ways but I've also caused quite the rucus as well. Not just anyone brings 4 kids anywhere they go. A reminder again why we don't go very many places. I'm super frustrated as things never go as planned when a military family PCSs. It's a terrible time for us to move. So much happening around us and all I can do is "just keep swimming". I'm ready for normalcy. I'm ready for the kids to have there own things. I'm ready for the kids to feel comfortable and at ease and not stressed or worried. Life is funny. Stepped up to help but I'm sure it's been more chaos than help. What can I do? 

Zeus and I will close on our house soon and then we can make a place our own, a place to relax and seek comfort. I'm grateful Zeus has the patience of a saint. Even though he drives me bonkers some times. 

Traveling is stressful. I never enjoy moving but it's fun to visit new places and always fun to make new friends. I miss the old ones terribly. 

Say a prayer that the stress will calm very soon. 


Thursday, April 25, 2013


Wow, So tonight I was looking at some pictures as I was going through the online photos. Most of you know that I have a ridiculous obsession with photos. Tonight I sit here in the quiet house thinking as we prepare to pack up and move again to another duty station about all the places we have been.

At each base we have met some amazing people. I have been honored to make some awesome friends along the way too. But I also lost many friends along the way and my heart hurts that some of the walked away. I can't go back and change history, even though I wish that was my super power. I wish I could though. I have made many new friends but can not replace the old ones. Even though the ones who chose to walk away may not think of me, I do think of them and cherish the memories that were made with them. I look forward to the new base as I hope we will continue to make new friends and keep the good ones close.

Its amazing God's plans for us as we move through life. I know he has a plan for us and that he watches over me every step of the way. But that doesn't stop the burning feeling or frustration of losing someone you loved. In the military our friends become our family and when a close one walks away you feel like they died. Not a good or fun feeling.

Anyways, I have made some great ones here at Scott AFB and hope to make a few more at Lackland AFB when we get there next month.

Wish us luck.
The Haskins

Friday, March 15, 2013

Haskins are moving AGAIN

Well folks we have been notified that our family is needed in the great state of Texas. Zeus put in for a position while he was deployed to Afghanistan. We both figured it was a long shot. We had little expectation. But in mid February we were informed he was chosen for the position.

We have been so very busy at our house. This last month I was 9 months pregnant dealing with a rather difficult pregnancy. So Zeus and I spent twice a week at the doctors office and many times in the hospital for a few hours. Got to be very overwhelming. But last week I delivered at 36wks a 5lb 9oz 18.5 oz baby boy, nickname Coconut via C-section as a surrogate just 2 days after my sister delivered a healthy baby girl in Hawaii. Coconut will return to his parents and his home in Seattle this weekend.

I was also honored to be named the 688 IOW Key Spouse of the Year during all this commotion. I'm thrilled that my hard work and willingness to serve did not go unnoticed. It stinks to leave now that I've got a successful group going.

The day before delivery Omega and Ziggy both had oral surgery to have some unwanted baby teeth removed. Just after delivery Zero got her bottom braces put on.

 Like I said, its been rather nuts around here.

So, once I recover we will be full throttle to move. We plan to leave right after the kids finish with school in late May. I'm an emotional mess. I have many things in my head about this move. I'm excited that my family will be within driving distance. That is so wonderful. But with a move always comes the unknown of where we will live, where will the kids go to school, what will Zeus' job  require, what kind of unit will we be a part of and many other questions. It's always sad to leave our friends and neighbors. Zeus' co-workers here have been awesome. I've appreciated our time here and look forward to being able to see a new unit. I'm trying to keep it together and push forward through the unknown. But the military is a mobile way of life for us and so many others.

So here we go, like it or not we are less than 90 days or 10 weeks from moving.