Thursday, December 13, 2012

Its birthday time again

Today 7 and 11 years ago I delivered two precious little boys. My boys are funny, smart, energetic, sweet, loving and such special babies. I'm blessed to have these two little guys in my life. The birth of each of them added more joy to our lives. Omega loved having a little brother for his 4th birthday. Today the shared birthday isn't always the best thing in his view. I knew that day would come.

Omega, the newest 11yr old, is such a tenderhearted soul. He dreams of one day performing on the Olympic stage in gymnastics. He dreams of controlling robots on distant planets from the NASA control center. This boy reads an awful lot of books. He plays the trumpet beautifully and loves to analyze most situations. Omega is a spitting image of his father both physically and mentally. Omega son, when you read this know that Daddy and I love you more than ever.

Ziggy, our newest 7yr old, is our baby. Our last child. He is so fond of his older brothers. He loves computers. He dreams of big things he cannot yet put into words. He loves sports. He loves sleeping. He moves super slow and can be a stubborn bull at times. But oh those little hugs are priceless. What a sweet boy.

God has loaned me 4 wonderful children to raise. Today I celebrate 2 boys. Today we thank The Lord for health of these little boys. We thank The Lord for another day with each of them. Today we love our family!!

Happy Birthday Boys