Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome to the Preteen Life

WOW, It seems like just a few weeks ago we had a sweet little kindergartner running around wearing dress-up clothes and putting baby dolls to sleep on every pillow we owned. It is amazing to look at our precious little girl now with wonder as she walks the halls as a 7th grader. WOW!!!

Today was a big day for our family. Not only did we fork out thousands of dollars or promise to but that girl that made us both parents entered the halls of school with dental braces. WHAT????

Yes, folks our baby girl has needed braces for a long time and we and the dentist felt it was finally the right time to do it. I was really nervous for her. She was super excited and had been talking about getting them for a long while now. But the day has come and she now wears pink and blue braces with pride and maybe a little pain.

She was scared after one of her friends scared her to death saying they would hurt so bad. I tried to explain that parts of the wearing of braces can hurt but getting them put on is a breeze. I hate that she will have to wear them but thankfully she will not have to wear them but 2 years, unlike the 5 years her Momma had to wear them for. What a difference time and technology make after, cough, 20+ years.

If you see her or if you talk to her tell give her some positive encouragement as I know the newness will wear off and she will get frustrated and upset when they start to hurt or get in the way. Trust me, I actually got my shirt caught in my teeth during my cousins graduation dinner. It was super embarrassing and my family never let me live it down. Every boyfriend always got the story, sometimes exaggerated. Today I can laugh at it but then it was the most embarrassing time.

Here's what you've all been waiting for. The girl in all her glory. Congratulations Zero, we love you!!
Welcome to the Preteen Life.