Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Baseball Family

Wow, its hard to believe that we just spent two full months on the baseball fields with all four kids. The most amazing part was seeing the growth they made over those two months. Each of the kids progressed in their own way. It was special to be there for their first hit, first strikeout, first throwdown, first time at a position, first time batting without a tee. Each of those moments was very special to me. Those are the times you get to talk about when they have children of their own. It was a wonderful season with these babies. I enjoyed every minute of it even when it was above 90 degrees and I got sunburned. Coaching these kids and all their teammates is so fulfilling that I know we will try to continue as long as we can. Its wonderful. Here a few amazing moments from the past two months of baseball with the 9-12 kid Pitch Cobras, and the 5-6 T-ball Rangers.