Monday, May 21, 2012

My kids begged

Now that I have two tweens the big reading rage has struck them like love sick puppies. OK, maybe not love sick but reading is one of their loves. So after my father in law read the Suzanne Collins book, Hunger Games, my middle schooler jumped when he left the book. She read it fast and then she insisted to read the other two books in the series. Then her little brother read the first book in the series followed by Zeus reading the series. I refused just as the premise sounded revolting to me.

So when the movie opened I did promise Zero we would take her to see it, but I was not thrilled about it. I had been able to put her off for several weeks until she found out that it was coming to the base theater. Then I had no excuse. So off we went, Zeus, me and all 4 munchkins.

I was irritated before the 20 minute point. Seriously, kids killing kids for fun. Kids killing kids for a show. Kids killing kids to bring in numbers. Are you kidding me? Disgusting. What made it worse was the fact that those kids had to face obstacles that the government deemed good for the show. Disturbing. Oh she's going the wrong way lets start a forest fire to make her go back. Angering.
I was so frustrating, angry and disappointed by this concept after we left. WOW, This blows my mind and definitely has me questioning really what our kids are reading. Its a far cry from Harry Potter. Its a nothing like classic stories we read in middle school.

I will not be reading the series nor will I be watching any future movies. I am ashamed this series is so big with young people. Ewwww.

For me I'm outraged with the whole idea. Purely an idea so hateful it not worth anymore of my time.