Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Line Drive

So Zeus and I are coaching 2 baseball teams this year. We have a 5/6 T-ball team for Ziggy, and then a kid pitch team for Zero, Omega and Zulu. It is lots of fun and there are many surprises along the way too. Some not so fun. Like Saturday for instance. We had practice Saturday morning while it was well over 90 out. Zeus thought we should split the older kids into three groups and coach different stations at the same time. Not a problem. Or so I thought. I decided I wanted to coach the batting. Each kid was going to get to hit about 7 pitches. We had two new children on the team and neither of them had ever played baseball before. So I thought it would take a little while for them to make contact with a ball having never done it before. Boy was I wrong. The oldest one batted first. I lined up all the balls, walked out several paces from the plate and threw the first pitch. Low and behold he hit it. I was thrilled and terrified all at the same time. He hit that ball straight at me. I did not have a glove on because it was being used as the plate. So I had nothing to protect me from the blazing ball heading my direction. They really was not much reaction time either, remember I said blazing. Yeah, that ball was moving and fast. It decided it would go right through me. My leg just got in the way. Everyone in the stands that saw it all said the same thing OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, in synchro all at the same time. It must of looked extremely bad. It burned like a son of a gun at that one. I laughed it off and told the little boy if he hit me again he was running the bases. He apologized repeatedly. But after 3 days this is what my leg looks like today.

Yep, its been a bit on the painful side the last few days. I guess I learned, no matter how many years or lack of years a child has played in sports they may turn up to be superstars from day one and let you have it.
The things we do for the kids we love.