Monday, January 23, 2012

Zeus asks, Twinkle delivers.

Zeus is pretty quiet, which is no different than when I met him. So when he offers up advice or suggestions I do not mind listening. Some times I ignore the request because it might require much more of my time or energy, and we can't have that now can we.

Over the holidays Zeus asked me to change my hair. He actually asked if I would go blonde, yeah I almost choked to death. Are you kidding? No, he was serious. He said he never dated a blonde. Ummm, no since I'm the only one he's dated I guess that was an easy answer. I couldn't believe he was serious. I continued to listen. He asked if I would cut my hair too, short, really, really short. Are you kidding, I love my curls.

But he did have a point. My hair had gotten to be so long that it recently was getting caught in the car door. It was getting caught when I put my coat on, it was even getting pulled when I put my purse on my shoulder. I love it. Its beautiful. But one event takes the cake and well, however embarrassing it may be was the thing that made me finally decide to control this out of control head of hair.

So here's the story, one night I went to bed to play on my Ipad while Zeus worked in the office for a bit. I laid down and turned off the light and put my head on the pillow, too tied to do anything else. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something moving on the pillow. My first reaction was just what you would think if a girl or in my case a woman saw a mouse. Yea, I screamed and ran as fast as I could down the hall to the office, startling the sleeping babies the whole way. I told Zeus I saw a mouse on my pillow. So he comes in and says there is nothing. I was a nervous wreck and replayed the whole thing through my head. After a couple minutes, I realized that it was indeed my own hair that I saw move, that I thought was a mouse. Nope, no mouse, Just my massive amount of hair. At that very moment I told myself I needed to make a change. I can not continue running like a crazy woman from my own hair.

So in an effort to surprise Zeus I made a change. While he was gone this last week I got a crazy hair and walked into a salon. Then I walked out a completely new color, with highlights and 14 1/2 inches shorter. Just not blonde.

  Now that the newness has worn off, here it is with me doing it. I like it curly and its natural so I do not see the need to fight it.
I think Zeus likes it. I can be that new woman for the 2 weeks he's home. Zeus asked so I delivered


Embrace31 said...

Love it! David has asked me to make hair changes before. I don't mind changing things up. It is really easy to get attached to long hair though. I know how that is. I am so proud of you though that you didn't take it personal and that you were willing to try something new for the sake of your man. You hair looks adorable and yay for your curls! Keep playing with it. Maybe you'll find an easy way to do it that YOU like. It took a lot for Z to come to you so way to go ;) You're awesome!

Toby E. said...

Looks great!!!! I too chopped the hair recently due to length problems such as the car door and purse thing. Not the mouse lol. I just was enjoying having long hair after not having it for years and having to shave so much for the surgery. Didn't cut as much as you but it definately helped. Enjoy the freedom! I love the length on you!

Becky said...

I love your new 'do!! Looks great!

Stefanie said...

I just got caught up on your blog. Love the new look!