Friday, January 6, 2012

Reading Once Again

After taking many years off from reading so that I could mother my children and go back to college I have finally picked up a couple books. Since the New year began I have now finished two books. I am a reader of true life stories, the ones where people overcome great obstacles. I feel these books give me the opportunity to learn something and take something away from the book. I do not read because it is enjoyable, Thanks to High school AP English. I read for knowledge or lessons, I guess.

The first book I was really excited to read and had it on the self for months. It was a book sent to me from a dear friend all the way from Ithaca, NY. The book was a terribly painful story of a husband and wife and the loss of the wife just 27 hours after the birth of their first child. I was interested in this book as the Husband/Father is a fellow blogger I have followed for a few years. I was anxious to read his feelings and how he managed to navigate life after such a tragedy. Matt Logelin, Two kisses for Maddy was an awesome book. I finished it on New Years day, another reason I was very teary that day.

My second book was also a tragic story with an amazing ending. The story strengthened my faith in the Lord and assured me that Heaven is waiting for my arrival. The Bible tells us what to do and how to get to Heaven but showed little proof of such a place. I have been a Christian since as far back as I can remember. This book written by a loving Father shares his amazing love of his son and the journey his once dieing son took to Heaven when battling appendicitis. It is gut wrenching and amazing all in one cover. Heaven is for Real, written by Todd Burpo about his son Colton's 3 minute journey to Heaven is breathtaking and calming. This story was perfect to restore my weary spirit as my family begins our many days with a long distance husband and Daddy.

Colton allowed me to feel calm and understand the true power of a simple prayer to God. I have never witnessed such a miracle but this story opened my eyes as wide as they have ever been.

Today, I look forward to completing more and more books about life lessons during the coming days. I am thankful to people writing their life stories so people like me get a chance to learn something new or gain a little strength from the inspiration shared through these wonderful stories. Thank you Matt and Todd.