Friday, January 13, 2012

Old Man Winter

Oh my goodness is it cold here. Yesterday our high was 20 degrees and that was about 5 pm for 20 minutes, the rest of the day it stayed in the teens with serious winds bringing the windchill down to 4 degrees. Then throw in a nasty snow, ice and lazy road crews and you have what I call a disaster. The funny part is that we really did not get too much snow. I think we had about 3 inches at our house by bedtime, which is not much to write home about. I've seen worse, much worse. However with the lack of preparedness of road crews the roads turned to skating rinks quickly and then accidents were piling up on every roadway. We had hundreds of accidents in the area. It was downright dangerous. If that wasn't bad enough the schools decided to have the kids come in on time. That is absurd. Those buses were not doing well on the ice but thankfully none of the kids were injured to or from school in almost white out conditions.

In all of it though I had a little amusement. Because of the wind and blowing snow this little fella decided to find protection underneath my park bench on my front porch. He and his partner stayed and visited me for a few hours. However they did not stay still very long so I did not get a picture of both of them together.

Old man winter is back today with our high of 23 degrees. I do not think I would complain so much if it was not 53 degrees the day before this rolled in. This is so silly. I just wish Zeus were here with me so we could cuddle up and watch a movie together or hang out. But, the Air Force comes first in our lives so he must travel days, upon days. TDY is now a common word. Oh well, back to snuggling under my blanket and preparing for tomorrow's Ice Skating competition.


Christy Lynn said...

I know what you mean,'s 27 here now and the ground is all frosty which is usually about all we get, not much snow around here, but if the grass is frosted that means that the roads are all over black ice. I was hoping to go up to the base today because I need to buy dog food...maybe it'll warm up this afternoon? I know what you mean about missing Zeus too, my sweetie pie is deployed and just volunteered to stay 2 months longer than originally anticipated. Stay safe on the roads where you are!