Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Look Who's Growing Up

Yikes, thinking about my babies growing up is definitely hard to swallow. I love them being small, napping, needy and wanting to hang out at home with me. Those days are quickly coming to end. But as they grow they are given huge opportunities that make me super proud to be their Momma.

This week we had one of those moments. Zero, my oldest most precious of them all has worked exceptionally hard on her studies and this week she was rewarded of that hard work. She was invited to join the elite Jr. Beta Club. A club that recognizes and rewards high academic achievement and instills a since of community service in its members. This is awesome. I was never in a Beta Club but I was a member of the National Honor Society. So I know how proud she must feel as well as her wonderful friends.

Our family is extremely proud and quite amazed by little miss Zero's achievements. If you knew her, you know how hard she has to work for all the A's she brings home. Not one of those A's has come easy for her, countless hours of study and many tears later.

I am most excited that one of her dear friends is on the same journey as she, so she shall not go it alone.
                                     Congratulations Mascoutah Middle School Jr. Beta Inductees.