Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas, oh wait, We have Birthdays first.

2 Boys, 2 Birthday's, 2 weeks before Christmas, Zeus gone 2 weeks. What a busy yet amazing time of year.
This year my boys asked, OK maybe begged but what does that matter, for separate birthday parties at separate places. Being the loving and pleasing Momma that I am, the answer to that questioning was simple, yes. The boys are born on the same day in December, 4 years apart. Yeah, I must have been crazy to have 2 kids in December even crazier for the same day. I mean really there are 31 days in December and our Anniversary why not have them on the same day. My body does crazy things so this was not a complete surprise. Just makes our family more unique.

Omega asked to have his party at a skating rink, ice skating that is. I could never say no, because nobody loves ice skating more than I do. Sure, Ice skating with my son, Absolutely. Omega is a bit of a quiet boy so friends are not common for him. He hangs with his sisters and little brothers friends but has little, if any of his very own. So his party attendees would be friends of his siblings, which worked out great because we are fond of the friends that attended.

 He loved skating around the rink, asking Momma tons of questions on how to skate, how to turn around, how to go backwards, how to spin and on and on and on. I loved showing him things and watching him try his hardest to figure them out, unsuccessfully.

We had a bit of a scare when Zero fell and Zeus tried to get her up and he eventually lost his footing and tumbled backwards slamming his head onto the ice. That is my worst nightmare. Thankfully there was no blood. He managed to rattle the ice underneath my feet more than 5 yards away. He lay there,  holding his head as if he were just knocked out in a boxing match. It is not fun to see your love laying there like that, especially when he does not even enjoy Ice skating to begin with. After much commotion and help up he managed to move to a hockey box with a splitting headache. WHEW, that was a close one. No concussion or symptoms of one, much to my surprise. He assured me that would be his last time attempting to do something I love. I am sad.

Zero felt HORRIBLE, as she was the one that caused the fall to begin with. I managed to explain that no matter the experience of a skater, falls happen to the best of us, even Gold Medalist take some terrifying tumbles. She dried her eyes quickly and continued skating knowing I had it under control.

Enough Drama!

A sweet, neighbor whose husband is on his way home from Afghanistan stopped by to watch all of us for a bit too. Its always fun to reach out and love those around us.

Fantastic party, great fun and lots of wet pants from little ones slipping and sliding all over the ice. I think a lot of it was intentional though. Silly babies.

Bring on Party #2, Chuck E Cheese for Ziggy.

Ziggy, being the baby of the family has never really experienced the whole Chuck E Cheese thing. His request for a Chuck E Cheese birthday was right up his alley as much as Zeus despises the place. C.E.C it is. Ziggy had a few friends attend and was absolutely the happiest I have ever seen him. He loved being sung to. He danced with Chuck E. He clapped with the crew. He smiled. He laughed. But most of all he felt as special as he is. As a parent, it was AMAZING to watch him beaming with joy during his birthday celebration. He was crowned. He earned a medal. He even attacked the ticket blaster. Birthday's are special and these two precious boys are half of my wondrous world.

Absolutely a great day. Happy Birthday to my precious Omega and Ziggy. Momma loves you babies.