Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas just got a little brighter

My kids were bummed that we would not be able to have any family here for Thanksgiving. Zero, was highly excited to my parents again. Little did she know they were not planning on coming.

So after the disappointment of Thanksgiving, they got this brilliant idea to write a poem and send it to my parents in hopes that they could convince to come out for Christmas. Zeus' parents just left last week so they have made their mark on St. Louis, but my parents have yet to make their way out here.

They promptly sent an email BEGGING them to come. The email comprised of Red and Green, huge, bold letters asking for their presence here in STL for Christmas. Quite clever of my daughter, I must say. The funny part of all this is I was completely in the dark about this email. Or this video.

So this is the poem being read by my children persuading their grandparents to come visit.

Zeus decides a picture is in order to sufficiently request a visit. Grammy and Grampy can't possibly say no to children without any shirts on in the freezing cold weather we are experiencing, or will they?

The kids then asked that their grandparents please answer them. This is what came back.

Then the kids were beyond excited that they had indeed sealed their Grandparents visit for Christmas. So what do they do? Oh yes, they write another diddy. This time a song. Who could say no to this precious angels?

Well, Grammy and Grampy had better prepare themselves this holiday season cause the St. Louis Haskins children are preparing with new songs, new choreography, plans, games, restaurants and all the many things they can fit into our schedule to share their new house, new city and new friends with their beloved Grandparents all the way from Ft. Worth, Texas. Giddy Up, cause Grammy and Grampy are coming to Town.


Charisse said...

oh my goodness! that brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat!! I am so excited for you guys!!!