Friday, October 21, 2011

Are you a Soccer Mom?

Are you a Soccer Mom?

I absolutely despise that question or term, actually I find it degrading, especially when used by politicians. I believe it places a stereotype on women, one in which I do not want. So NO, I am not a soccer mom but I am a Mom to many soccer players.

This year soccer season has been extremely eventful. We had a child playing in every league offered here on base, a 5/6, a 7/8, a 9/10 and a 11/14. Oh yes, each kid had their very own team. This meant 4 different practice schedules, 4 different game schedules, 4 different sets of teammates, and 4 different skill levels. The past 2 months have been terribly busy. We've spent 5 days a week on the soccer field and sometimes had 3 kids playing at one time or had 4 kids playing back to back. Exhausting. Exciting. Heart wrenching.

As a mom, if you know me, you know I can not see quietly on the sidelines. OH NO! Much to my children's despair, I was and still am the mom screaming, cheering, yelling and coaching in my non coaching chair. I was the one running up and down the sideline with camera in hand snapping once in a lifetime moments. Oh yes, my children pretty much hate that part. But that's OK, in the end they are all so happy I was there, so happy to see the pictures and videos and excited I got to be a part of it. That's the reason I will remain the happy, loud, obnoxious and loving mom that I am.

In the middle of the season Zulu was asked to step in on a 9/10 team to help them out after several season ending injuries. He was thrilled to do it. After 2 weeks it then became a permanent position. He was now playing for 2 teams, a 7/8 team and a 9/10 team. Of all my children, he is the one that could handle the extra stress to his body. He was the one that needed a bigger challenge. So then we had 5 different teams we were shuttling children to. The best part about the 5th team was that Zulu played Omega. Seeing your children play against each other in a sport they love and excel in was beyond incredible. I was a beaming Momma. I loved every minute of my babies on that field.

This year they all blossomed in their own little unique way. We saw all the boys score many goals. We watched Zero chase down the 6 foot tall kids and steal the ball. We saw Zulu become a stand out forward. We watched Omega grow into an unbeatable Fullback. We watched Ziggy tear up the competition as a top scorer. What a great year we had. Bring on the winter so we can get to more soccer next year.