Monday, September 26, 2011

Go Ravens!!!

Yesterday was a super fun day. Ziggy, who was born in Maryland, was excited to visit the Edwards Jones Dome here in St. Louis. We hung out at the Rams game watching them play the Ravens, or should I say get slaughtered by the Ravens.

We took the Metro, above ground subway system, to get to the stadium.

Once we arrived we enjoyed treats and watched the teams warm up.

Ziggy yelled and cheered loudly for his beloved Ravens.

We got looked at strangely. Yeah, Mommy sporting Rams attire and Ziggy sporting Ravens attire made us stand out and look rather odd.

Ziggy learned to use binoculars.

We had a blast.

 I got to take him to his first NFL game

Mother and son time was absolutely needed and unbelievably special. Ziggy's phrase of the day, GO RAVENS!!!!