Monday, September 26, 2011

Go Ravens!!!

Yesterday was a super fun day. Ziggy, who was born in Maryland, was excited to visit the Edwards Jones Dome here in St. Louis. We hung out at the Rams game watching them play the Ravens, or should I say get slaughtered by the Ravens.

We took the Metro, above ground subway system, to get to the stadium.

Once we arrived we enjoyed treats and watched the teams warm up.

Ziggy yelled and cheered loudly for his beloved Ravens.

We got looked at strangely. Yeah, Mommy sporting Rams attire and Ziggy sporting Ravens attire made us stand out and look rather odd.

Ziggy learned to use binoculars.

We had a blast.

 I got to take him to his first NFL game

Mother and son time was absolutely needed and unbelievably special. Ziggy's phrase of the day, GO RAVENS!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Zero's 11th Birthday party

Since Zeus was out of the country on his first official deployment when Zero turned 11 we as a family decided to wait until Zeus came back to have her 11th birthday party. So it was in Sept rather than August. She was completely fine with the delay.

There is never a birthday in this family without a theme. This year Zero chose to do a baking theme.
I love to jump into these themes so here I made her invitation with my nifty cricut machine.

Of course there is not a birthday without a cake. So I made her a cake to her specifications. Yea, at this age they start asking or should I say demanding things. This was one of them. She insisted. What's a loving mom to do, well of course I obliged.

  You can't have mini-cupcakes that don't match the invites. Never.

There was a definite cupcake theme happening so this savvy Mommy had to make the decorations as well. So here are a few. This is a cupcake liner streamer. We had 3 short vertical streamers

 And we had one 8 foot long horizontal streamer that all 4 kids got to help make. It actually was not hard at all and looked super cute.

I got really crafty and made the inside of the cake rather bright as well. It was a unique and one of a kind cake and Zero loved it and loved showing all her friends.

 Awww, my little girl is becoming a teenager one day at a time. She is now in middle school and I bet you can imagine what all these little girls were doing when they got here. It was one big gab session. She was thrilled to find out that 2 other girls were in her homeroom class.

I could not believe the topics that they covered. It was amazing and I had an extremely terrible time keeping up with them. They jumped subjects every 2 minutes. I loved being here and helping her make cupcakes, decorate aprons, ice cupcakes and have a great time.
We love you sweet Zero and Happy Birthday Beautiful Baby.
Love Momma