Thursday, August 11, 2011

People these days

Early today I commented on one of my friends Facebook Status. Her comment was "Just saw three kids in matching clothes at IKEA. Seriously, unless its a family picture, don't torture your kids people!!".  This stuck me as odd. Because she does not have any children.

Now this is coming from a woman that does not have any children. Which is completely fine. Until I posted something like " there is a reason some people do that." Then someone else started commenting on my comments. This second woman obviously only had "ONE" child.

For me, there are a couple reasons in which I dress my children to match when we leave the house, not for general school or sports. The first and most important reason my children match is so that I can quickly locate them when we are out and about. This is for safety reasons. Stop, now think about what each of your kids was wearing today down to their shoes. Can you explain that to someone else? How about a policeman when you are in a shear panic? You probably couldn't if you have more than just a few babies. So this is why mine match. I can look at one of them and know EXACTLY what they are wearing in detail and it also gives that policeman a visual of what they are looking for. Also your eyes get attuned to the outfits and you can quickly spot them 100 yards away.

Now the second is more cosmetic, I like to take pictures everywhere I go so it is nice that they are complementing each other as well. No matter where we are, they look good together.

You might say what this girl said, " I'll never take my eye off my child". I find that really hard to believe. For instance, take them on the subway in New York during rush hour. Walk down a busy New York or Washington D.C street or take them to Disney World. If you never have your eyes off your child then right on, but if you are like me and have many children it becomes very difficult because you only have two hands. My children are my life. So for anyone to insinuate that I do not care or love them is absurd. I do this when we go to many different types of places. If you don't like it, then fine but don't chastise me or any of my counterparts for doing this. Just put yourself in that persons place for a change. How would they feel if their child went missing?

Then there is the case of the backpack leash. Now, I know there are a million people out there that think this is ridiculous. But stop and think about it for a second. There are another half million people that want to hurt your child. Let's face it, kidnapping is big business. If you have a newly walking or young toddler that insists on walking, they can get away from you faster than you can say "stop". Think about it, ever seen a mom chasing her child on a sidewalk, grocery store or entertainment venue. Yeah, it happens everyday because children this small do not understand consequences of bad people or things that hurt you like cars, trains, trucks and etc. They are so small they fit in places that we adults cannot,I.e.  the legs of a stranger or fellow street walker. That backpack leash allows that child to walk on their own near you and you can still have control of them and they do not get too far away. And if someone tries to pick them up you can pull back. This allows plays as a deterrent to then child predators as well. Its ridiculous to pick on people, including myself that might have used one of these things. That mother that never used it but lost her kid at Disneyland might be wishing she would have had one.

So don't go judging people about how they dress their children or what methods they use to protect their children. We are all human and we are all different. That is the best thing about us. Just agree to disagree and don't make them inferior to yourself. It makes you look a little idiotic and small minded.

To all you moms out there, keep doing what you are doing and forget about these people that insist they are better than you or they can do it without help, cause one day they will need help in some form or another.
God Bless