Sunday, August 14, 2011

Again I must say

Again I must say that today I am feeling a strong sadness and loneliness because I miss my friends deeply.I miss that silly girl who rang my doorbell daily and at some point just started coming in. I miss the Momma that was quiet but stopped over to chat and loved to chat after we dropped the kids off at school. I miss the wife that answered the door in her nighty and loved candy. I miss the most amazing Mexican cook, that always had a sample plate for me. I miss my buddy who picked the best steaks for me to cook most Sundays during football season. I miss the family that included us in the very beginning of our marriage. I miss my daughters first friends Momma. I miss the friend who always was there to watch my babies. I miss my friend who loved my babies.I miss the cricut woman and her awesome creative ways. I miss my weekly Starbucks date.

  I love the military don't get me wrong, but it comes with many negative aspects. And today or should I say most days I miss my friends, most of them are fellow military spouses walking through similar waters as myself. The hard part is knowing that a fellow wife is lonely, like myself and I can't do anything about it. I am thankful to have email, Facebook and my trusty cell phone so that I can call, text or message each of these important pieces of my life. I know one day I will get to see them again in the meantime I will remember all the beautiful days we were able to have together before I moved or they moved. It is awesome that I was given the opportunity to meet these amazing people that are all over the world. I can thank the military for that. But I am saddened that our time with each other had to be so extremely short. I decided years ago that I would take with me a few friends from every assignment and add or etch those names into my "LifeBook". My lifebook is growing and those Lifefriends will remain with me close to my heart throughout my life.

These people are so encouraging. They love with all their hearts. They shared their stories. They asked for help. They smiled. They laughed. They listened. They never judged.  No matter what their color, religion, background or lifestyle they became my friend and loved me and I loved them back. I trusted these people with everything I had.

So today I "air toast" to each of these men and women my love and support and I want them to know that I think of them daily. Even without time to call I still am reminded of their special personalities.

I'm so excited to hear they are all coming to surprise me for my birthday. OK, so I'm just dreaming about the visit but I love them all so much they'll never know just how much. Again I must say Blessings dear friends, you know who you are.