Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer of Fun

This summer our family is doing everything we can to spend time together. Zeus is deploying for 45 days in July and August. Yes, I know there are those people that say big deal, its only 45 days. But to us, just one day in the desert is too long. So my family is no different than the family that has a 12 month deployment. Zeus will deploy 2 times this year and then he gets the LONG one next year. For this reason we realize we will not have a summer family vacation next year as he will be gone many months that time. So, In my mind, we spare no expense. Let the traveling, fun and family time happen.

Zeus had a 2 week TDY to Georgia for his military job. Since the kids were out of school, I decided that the kids and I could tag along and at least see Zeus in the evenings. Then my brain started coming up with ideas for the kids and I to do while Zeus worked his long 12+ hour days. Since we were going to be so close to Florida I thought it would be perfect to take the kids to Disney World. Why not? Military prices would help the cost. As I was sharing this with my family my Mom decided that she and Gramps-a-lot would love to go too. This sounded great to me since I could use 4 extra arms with all these babies. Lucky for us, Shades of Green, the Disney military resort had rooms for us. We decided to go for 4 days and visit two of the many parks and do Magic Kingdom for 2 days to get it all done.
It was amazing. The resort was beautiful, comfortable and everything you'd imagine in a High Priced resort in central Florida. The military deserves it. The parks were so much fun. The vacation was magical.
While down in the south we decided to stop and hang out with some dear friends that are stationed at Maxwell AFB in AL. So we ended up going to their house on 3 separate occasions. It was wonderful to visit with them and let the kids spend time with their beloved Aunt R. She is special to our family and my children love her like no other.

Then after Zeus was completed with his assignment in Georgia we planned a week long family vacation, just the 6 of us, to Branson, MO. We knew little of the place but had everyday planned out and pre-purchased tickets before arriving. This week our accommodations were given to us by Zeus' parents as a gift. We were most thankful to them. So we arrived not knowing what to expect. We drove into  the resort and were in love. We had a 2 bedroom stand alone cabin in the hills all to ourselves for an entire week. Perfect!!! We be-bopped around town and enjoyed magic shows, ventriloquist shows, musical performances, boat rides, jet-skiing, shopping, eating, swimming, exploring, roller coaster riding, getting wet, water sliding, picture taking and just loving each other. This vacation was a great recharger for each of us. We got to be together and that was the best part. Total travel was about 3500 miles and 50 car hours.

So for us the three weeks was much needed time to focus our attentions on what's important in life,  that's each other. Really excited to see what the next trip brings as Zeus jet-sets and we head off to Texas to see all the friends and family.


Christa said...

So glad you guys had a fun vacation!! It is really important to make those priceless memories while you can!! Sorry to hear about the deployments. It just stinks....doesn't it? I will be praying for you guys. My cell is still the same so if you need to call....Please do!