Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Long time "NO" see

I have a very dear friend that my husband worked with when we were stationed in Georgia, 2000- mid 2005. He was a single guy "Longhorn" who grew up in the same state as I. I had an instant bond to that. Anyways he became a good friend and started hanging around pretty often. NFL Sundays became our traditional Steak dinner night with baked potatoes. He always brought the hand cut steaks and I cooked everything.

Anyways he just returned from duty overseas. He needed to come through St. Louis to receive his vehicle that was shipped from Germany. Longhorn decided he would take some extra time and swing by and see all of us. I missed him. Something about his character that makes me view him as a brother.

So he drove in on Thursday and him and I drove to the Airport and then to the car pickup place. The kids got home while I was out so I had them go to my sweet neighbors house until I could get back. When we arrived you could not believe the smiles and excitement on my little ones faces. They were elated to see Longhorn again. He was immediately recruited to play football.

The kids loved having him here.

We took him out to dinner for his birthday at Omega's favorite place, Japanese hibachi. We played lots of fun games outside.

We went to a few parks on base while the big kids were in school on Friday.

Then he took us out to dinner Saturday night as a thank you for the visit.We watched Tron and he and Zulu napped with each other in my big comfy recliner. It was so stinking cute.

Sunday he helped the kids make breakfast for me since it was Mother's Day and let Zeus sleep in.Now, that's sweet.

All in all we had a fantastic weekend with our friend. The kids really do like him a lot. One of them however, has a very special bond with Longhorn, I'll let you guess which one!! Maybe next time he won't wait 5 years to come visit.


Charisse said...

Awww That is awesome. It's also such a shame that we weren't back in touch yet when I moved to GA. I got there right after my birthday in July of 2004. And coincidentally enough, left there ON my birthday 6 years later. WOW! It doesn't seem like that long. I have some amazing friends that Lorelli is bonded to, like Toby and my friend Nini, for Georgia. It is just amazing to get to spend time with them when we can.