Thursday, April 7, 2011

Government Shutdown

Today I was sitting and thinking about all the latest news and outrage or lack there of, of this impending Government shutdown. Have you read about it? Do you understand what it entails? Will this affect you?

Well let me give my opinion, thoughts and some facts on this situation.

OK, Let me get this straight we are going to shutdown certain portions of the government and let other portions remain. How is this even logical? First, we can't agree on a budget for Fiscal year 2011 which is already half over. Yes the government runs October to September. That's the official calendar. So we  have been running on borrowed time for half the year why not do it the whole time? I do not know the answer to that question. But I sure would like to know. But what I don't understand is the Congress and the President along with his administration will receive a paycheck! They do not worry about shutdowns. What is wrong with this picture? They get paid but the United States Military at all levels will not get a paycheck. Hmmmmm. What kind of message is this sending to the American people. All National Parks will close. Sorry, no recreation for your families either. Medicare and Social security will be paid, no worry there. I'm wondering who decides who gets pay and who doesn't?

You send our troops into foreign lands without their families and in very hostile situations and then you tell them that their family back home will not have money to buy groceries, pay the bills or buy gas to get where they need to go. So here you have a young serviceman who has not had the time or money to build a nest egg and you tell him hey keep doing what your doing but do it for FREE. Good gracious, nobody I know would work in those conditions for FREE. I tell you what, it doesn't matter how long the government shutdown lasts one minute or one month it will have a lasting affect on all Americans. More lives are at risk as many families will not be eating properly because they will not be able to afford the food, the serviceman overseas will be stressed about their family not having what they need. He will be fed as he eats at a dining facility. But his wife, children may go hungry for who knows how long. Then he worries about what happens when he can not pay the bills. This is a snowball effect. Then he has to go before his commander because his bills are not being paid. Does it stop? No, it goes on and on. Then when the pay is finally reinstated they have overdraft fees to pay, late charges on rent and all the other issues for not paying on time. OH, Credit Score hits that took years to build will suddenly crash no fault of your own. What gives? I was not old enough to really understand the last government shutdown. So I do not have anything to go by there. However, I do understand being a military family and knowing that my husband will continue to bust his hiney for freedom and protection and he will not be paid because of a stinkin disagreement. ABSURD!!!!

Look, USDA would be partially open but those of you who need farm loans are out of luck. The education department will close but the Highway administration will be open. Bureau of Engraving and printing including tours will remain open but the National Park Service will close. Meaning you will not and can not visit Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Alcatraz, Independence Hall,  Washington Monument, and Mount Rushmore. Your vacation will have to wait because the State department will not be issuing passports either. So if you think this shutdown does not effect you or your family because you do not work for the government you are wrong. I urge you to call your congress official and complain. The more calls and emails the more they listen. We have the duty to help solve this problem. Make and effort, I'm calling on you!

I just do not understand how congress can let this happen. I realize they want to stabilize spending and yada, yada, yada. But I bet you that if their money was on the line they would be fighting a heck of a lot harder than they are now. They would be more willing to stay later and work until a deal could be reached.

We have become so greedy that even the Billionaire Football team owners want more money. GREED
God Bless America.
Start praying!!!