Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thinking, Thinking, Thinking.

I know you probably have realized this about me by now and I should too, yet I still do it. Today I got to thinking when I watering my beautiful blooming flowers about how people react to other people, namely me.
Do you ever wonder if you made a positive impact on someones life? There are days I ask myself this question. Why?

Well, I look at life today through many people's eyes. Then I like to look at life back in the 1980's, when I was growing up. Yes, I know I should keep today in today, but it is worth a look.

I personally think that people today have gotten so selfish and caught up in the "things" that they forget about the lives and souls that they could touch. I try to remind myself of this daily. My dear bloggie buddy MckMama, over at  reminds me ever so often of this thought as well as my father in law. My father in law, a veterinarian, takes a mission sponsored trip every Feb. to countries like Haiti, Kenya, Brazil and others to help teach people how to care for their animals ( Goats, Cows, Pigs and such) so that their families will have milk, cheese, meat and other things. He encourages them to chose the right animals for their families as well as how to keep them healthy. When he returned to an area previously visited and was remembered. He made a positive impact on someones, many someones lives in Kenya. Mckmama has done the same when she too traveled to Kenya to help bring water to a community and shoes to children. When she goes back she will be remembered, she will have made a difference, a positive impact on someone Else's life.

I try to do this without traveling to other countries. With an active duty husband who goes TDY seemingly all the time, I do not have the opportunity to travel to these areas to make a difference. I feel my calling is to make a difference here at home, in my community, on our base and in the states we visit and live.

I get frustrated with those people, you know the kind I'm talking about, that are in it for themselves. I try to pray for those people that God will bring them a situation they can't resist and allow them to reach out instead of take in. I know people that think children get in the way. I know people that would rather text on their phones than carry on a conversation with those around them. I know people that would rather ignore their neighbors than to reach out and be kind. I know people that cannot accept people with flaws. I know people that show up to volleyball games and walk out if they can't play the entire game or if they don't start the game. I know people that complain about the offense that is run on the court. I know people that own four cars and only need one. I know people that want a bigger house just so it can be bigger than their brothers. I know people that refuse to help out a distressed driver on the road. I know people who chastise others for living sinful lives.

Enough is enough. Look at all the thousands and I do mean thousands of people that no longer have a home because some random tornado decided it wanted the house more. Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia and others each were devastated by massive, destructive tornadoes just this week. Be thankful you still have a home. Now, put down your dang phone and talk to those around you. Walk across the street and say hello to your snotty neighbor. Stop your car and help the woman put the tire on her car. Call a friend who might need a babysitter and help them out. These are the simple things each of us can do to make a positive impact on another person's life.

So today I ask myself and you, are you making a difference? Are you engraving yourself into someones mind? I hope somewhere along the way I have made someone feel special. I hope I encouraged someone. I hope I helped them pick up something on a bad day. Today I sit here and hope that when I leave this earth that I was able to touch just one life. No car, computer, phone, flowers, house, vacation or clothes will make that happen any better or easier, if at all.

So ask yourself are you in it for you or are you in it for all?

I won't throw out all the religious scripture and teachings at you as I am not the bible pusher. I just believe we can each make a lasting impact on a life around us, if we just try.

Join me again soon here at the Haskins House. Blessings