Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Empty plate? Never

I just have to laugh when I read the title, because it fits this post to a T. I am the kind of person that loves to have things to do. Fun things. When I look back at my grade school years, I remember being over scheduled as far back as my memory goes. I worked hard to do everything I could fit in. I loved being a part of so many different groups and activities.

So when I look at myself today, I am not surprised by what I see. I am a mother. But I did not stop at one. No, I had to fill my plate so I had 4. Yep, it was spilling over at that point. Same goes with my relationships. I couldn't stop at being a friend to one person, I needed to make sure I was spilling over with friends. Not to mention the activities. Sure I decided to go to college this past summer, but why not through in there, a family move, kids sports, team parent, Coach of Zeus' unit volleyball team, Ice skating student, unit key spouse (unit go to person for help and information). Today just like every other day of my life has a full plate.

I love it and I think I manage it all very well because when I start something I am going to throw everything I got at it. 100% effort goes into everything I do. The best part is I am touching others lives and sharing my love of life and helpfulness. I'm not a bible pusher but I believe in the Lord and his word. I try to pass that along in other ways to many other people in all walks of life. One big reason I love to do so many different things.

So tonight I go to bed with a plate that is dripping all over the floor and a smile on my face that the opportunities continue to arrive. My plate is never empty.
Blessings to you and yours.
Happy Haskins House.