Thursday, February 3, 2011

How cold are you?

The last few weeks we have been freezing. We moved in December out of Biloxi but did not arrive here in Illinois until January. Talk about a jolt to the system. We have finally figured it out and have learned the layering system. It is quite a time getting everyone ready to go. Zeus seems to think that he can just push through the cold. Sometimes I wonder about him.

So the monster storm arrived and we got freezing rain at 10am on Monday morning. The rain, that eventually turned to ice continued until Tuesday afternoon when it turned to sleet. Then it sleeted until Tuesday late night when it then turned to snow. It snowed until Wednesday night. Well over 48 hours of precipitation. It was crazy. Thankfully our house and neighborhood has power lines buried so we will not be worried about no electricity, plus we live in the North so the grid is used to our excess use.

Anyways I do giggle when I hear my family whining and complaining about how cold it is down there. Wow, you guys have had days in the 60's in the last 2 weeks when we struggle to reach 40 for a mere day. Then after this terrible storm your kids are out 3 days and you are complaining still. Yet, by Saturday your temperatures will be back up in the mid 50's. Sometimes you should look at those around you and see what they deal with. For heavens sake a good friend of mine in Massachusetts has several feet of snow on the ground as more comes in daily and the temps are barely at freezing. Oh well, I guess you guys in the south can't handle this cold.

Enough about my lack of sympathy for the south. Here is a few fun pictures from our enjoyable storm here in Illinois. I love weather so this storm has been absolutely amazing to me. I have watched out the window every few minutes to see and notice the change. I enjoy these swings in the weather. It is so awesome.

I hope everyone stays warm and continues to enjoy what winter brings us. Oh and remember this day when you are complaining because its too dang hot. I'm just sayin.

Haskins House lovin Winter


Toby E. said...

Nope definitely couldn't handle what you are going through. The cold makes me hurt.
But all the whining is reversed when the summer comes. hehe so no mater what we all know one extreme or another.
Y'all stay safe out there!