Friday, February 25, 2011

I love my blessings, funny stuff

Yesterday the babies and I were working hard to get the house in tip top shape for when Zeus returns. Everyone was doing there jobs diligently while we played a fun little cleaning game. Twinkle vs. the babies. Each chore that was complete earned that team or player, in my case a point. The team with the most points at the end of 30 minutes won. So we worked hard and very fast. I got an early lead. 8-1, Go Mommy. Then the kids figured it out if they split up and all did different jobs they could earn more points faster. That is what did it. At the end of 30 minutes, all household chores were complete and the babies beat Twinkle 39-34.

While we were working I politely asked Ziggy to go get the clothes out of the dryer. He grabbed the basket and headed for the Laundry room. No questions asked. I continued working and he seemed to be gone for quite a while. Maybe 10 minutes or so. I was beginning to wonder what was going on in there. Nevertheless, I left him alone and continued vacuuming. I turn around to hear him grunting as he is dragging the basket towards the living room. It looked painful really. He was huffing and puffing and panting and I asked, "did you get them out of the dryer". He said yes Mommy, I said thank you and off he went. I looked in the basket and sure enough the clothes were all still wet. Oh my goodness, these clothes did not come from the dryer. They came from the WASHER. OH goodness Ziggy. He must have had to climb up and down the washer grabbing clothes and putting them into the basket. No wonder it took him so long. OH poor little guy. At least he tried. But I was crying it was so funny.

I love my life.

Haskins House is soon to be complete in T-30 minutes.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why are we here?

Have you ever asked yourself this question, Why are you here? I know I have multiple times. Like years ago after becoming a stay at home mom. I was soul searching desperately to find an answer to this question. I even bought the book Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I worked daily to read, study and research the questions and verses left for me in the book. After reading it I thought I knew why I was here. That was a young, underdeveloped answer.

So last night while in my lonely, puppy filled bed I got to thinking about this question again. Prayed about it and went to sleep. Then today while in the shower the funniest thing happened. That silly question came back to me. Ok, Ok, I get it. I am suppose to let everyone know the answer. I know the answer. I figured it out a while back when I was going through some difficult life changes. It hit me like a 90 mph fast ball to the head. BAM!!! Woah I thought. Seriously is that how answers are found or discovered. I guess so.

So after reading some blogs, tweets and facebook posts this week I am sure there is a reason I am writing this. So many people are struggling with this same question. I am with you, all of you. I have been there and I promise it was not an easy journey but one that was worth every mile walked.

So do you wanna know what I discovered. Ok, here you go.

Life, your life, my life are all about relationships and memories. That's it. That's all of it. Relationships and memories. To me, this may be morbid and all but it is how I see it and how the answer got my attention. One day I woke up to a vision of my own funeral. Except It was a TV split into 4 screens, you know that picture in picture thingy. Yeah, it was like Zeus watching 4 games at once. Only, Mine had my funeral in all four pictures except each one was different but they were all happening at the same time. In one box there I was laying in a coffin in a church with my children, remarried ex husband and a minister. No pictures, no friends and no smiling faces.Scary and sad all at the same time. The next box, same scenario with a few people I did not recognize again with a remarried ex husband. This is just depressing.
I was getting sick as I moved my head to see the third box. This time there were a few more people and some flowers. I could recognize a few people in this one but there were still no smiles or even any photos. And nobody seemed to know each other. By the time I got to the fourth box I thought I would hurl. I was shaking, trembling at the thought of another bitter funeral. But this one was different. Very different. The church floor was beautiful green grass. Flowers and pictures filled the stage where I laid, everywhere.It seemed to go on into the horizon, loads of photos of people laughing, eating and creating. In the church pews were hundreds of smiling faces. People hugging each other. Lots and lots of laughter as people reminisced about old times together. My husband was smiling and loving on my children. These people were wearing bright colors and the room was beaming with happiness. It was like a wedding. The people were mingling with everyone else. It was awesome. This immediately changed my view. Yes, this is it. This is what I want. This is why I am here. Its the people and the times I had with those people. From that day, or night, I have always understood that family does not have to be strictly blood relatives. It includes many people you met along your life's journey. So my answer to this difficult answer is simple. I am here to love and care for those around me wherever I am. No color,  nationality, no hairstyle or song choice will exclude you. I want to be the one that you remember being kind, helpful and loving for no other reason than just because.

When I die or come to my last days on earth I want to be surrounded by people telling funny or stupid stories of things we did or said together. Remembering those fun times we had. I do not want cars, money, or jewelry to fill my room. I want the sound of laughter, the vision of glorious smiling faces and I want photos, lots and lots of photos for people to look through and talk to each other about.

Life is not simple. Well, lets just say we do not make life simple. Instead of fighting for your lane on the highway or struggling to have the bigger TV, faster car or bigger house we need to be making sure our friends, neighbors, and co-workers have what they need to get through life. Hugs! Shoulders! fellowship! Company! In the end isn't this what it is all about. Teamwork. Helping each other. Its not about money and all those other worldly things and stuff. Its people and memories.

I have determined this is what life is and means to me. My camera will be my extra brain as it captures all these loving caring moments.

I am here to love you, to care for you, to help you and to remind you that life is fun, special and above all things memorable.

People and Memories
Happy Haskins House

Thursday, February 3, 2011

How cold are you?

The last few weeks we have been freezing. We moved in December out of Biloxi but did not arrive here in Illinois until January. Talk about a jolt to the system. We have finally figured it out and have learned the layering system. It is quite a time getting everyone ready to go. Zeus seems to think that he can just push through the cold. Sometimes I wonder about him.

So the monster storm arrived and we got freezing rain at 10am on Monday morning. The rain, that eventually turned to ice continued until Tuesday afternoon when it turned to sleet. Then it sleeted until Tuesday late night when it then turned to snow. It snowed until Wednesday night. Well over 48 hours of precipitation. It was crazy. Thankfully our house and neighborhood has power lines buried so we will not be worried about no electricity, plus we live in the North so the grid is used to our excess use.

Anyways I do giggle when I hear my family whining and complaining about how cold it is down there. Wow, you guys have had days in the 60's in the last 2 weeks when we struggle to reach 40 for a mere day. Then after this terrible storm your kids are out 3 days and you are complaining still. Yet, by Saturday your temperatures will be back up in the mid 50's. Sometimes you should look at those around you and see what they deal with. For heavens sake a good friend of mine in Massachusetts has several feet of snow on the ground as more comes in daily and the temps are barely at freezing. Oh well, I guess you guys in the south can't handle this cold.

Enough about my lack of sympathy for the south. Here is a few fun pictures from our enjoyable storm here in Illinois. I love weather so this storm has been absolutely amazing to me. I have watched out the window every few minutes to see and notice the change. I enjoy these swings in the weather. It is so awesome.

I hope everyone stays warm and continues to enjoy what winter brings us. Oh and remember this day when you are complaining because its too dang hot. I'm just sayin.

Haskins House lovin Winter