Friday, January 21, 2011

Lost Dog

Oh puppy!

On Sunday my daughter was a sweet girl and let the dogs out to go potty. A few minutes later she let Momma dog in but Puppy dog was not ready yet. We were really busy organizing rooms, closets and hanging pictures and shelves so she forgot about the puppy. A little while later we were in the boys room and the puppy was not in there with all 6 of us. She is always with someone. So I asked if someone had let her out. Zero immediately fessed up and ran to the back door. No puppy. She was not in the back yard. So she got her warm stuff on and walked around the street and open areas outside. Puppy was nowhere to be found. I was so upset. Zeus and I stopped what we were doing and developed a plan. I called the 2 neighbors that I know and asked if they had seen her and nope, nobody had seen her. So I drove around calling her name and did not find her. I was angry. I tried not to take it out on anyone but darn it my new puppy, which I got for my birthday was GONE.

She had not been to the vet on base yet, long story, so she did not yet have her microchip. I was sad. We have only been here 10 days so she is not real comfortable with the area either. Anyways we walked door to door asking everyone to keep an eye out. We called the Security Forces putting a notice that we lost a dog.

Zeus was very supportive and went out in the cold and begin staking in the Garden fencing we purchased to keep her in the yard since she is small enough to slide her way underneath the fence in multiple areas. He spent a couple hours pounding in the fencing until the entire yard was complete. It was great.

Then he came in and made a few signs for me to go post on mailboxes and housing entrances. I knew in my heart that someone had taken her. I was very sad. So after several hours of no puppy I went to post all my signs in hopes that someone would return her before the coyotes came out. We live in the middle of corn fields and farms, there are Owls, Hawks and Coyotes, all of which would love a little puppy. So off I go in the freezing cold temperatures. I get to the first mailbox to post the sign and this lady gets out of her car in her driveway and explains that she was house sitting a neighbors house. She asks If I was missing a puppy and I said sadly yes. She said that she had found her early that morning and had picked her up. She spent the day with my puppy. She had even renamed her "Lily". I was heartbroken when she said they were hoping to keep her since she is the most precious pup. I was thrown because I did not know whether to thank her or yell at her. Anyways, she handed over MY puppy. I was thrilled. I couldn't put her down for hours. She was a hip puppy the rest of the day. I was not letting her out of my sight.

I am so thankful for the two neighbors that were willing to walk the neighborhood looking for her with us. They were so sweet. She has since been to the vet, got her chip and can not get out of the yard. We might have to watch real closely though.

Happy ending, I have my puppy back!!!!

Happy Haskins House!!!