Saturday, January 8, 2011

30 Days later.....

It all started 30 days ago when the movers showed up to pack up our house in Biloxi, MS.

 We began our PCS, Permanent chang of station, from MS to IL.

We said goodbye to our house and friends

We drove 2 days to arrive in St. Louis just a few miles to our new home.

We signed to papers and left mere hours after arriving.

We traveled some more and enjoyed a few hotel stays and cringed at others.

We stopped and visited a dear family friend and celebrated 2 family birthdays

We drove through the snowy mountains

We arrived in Washington to celebrate the holidays with our family while we waited on our house to get move in ready

Zeus and I had a date to a play

Cousins met for the first time

We attended Christmas eve service

The kids rode Grandpa's horses

Grandpa took us to the Kangaroo farm in Washington

We celebrated our 11th Anniversary to Orcas Island to our first Bed and Breakfast

Then we drove through treachous roads over 8 states back east to move in

We dealt with minor issues along the way, like sand covered lights and dangling, loose taillight and mega amounts of ice and snow

We arrived in Illinois and signed for our house

And Now 30 days later we are over halfway done unpacking thanks to 5 new friends and co-workers for coming over and helping unpack and sort. What a blessing people are to us.

Kids are in school, internet is up, kitchen is put together, satellite is set up, phone is working, address is changed and we are officially residents of Illinois. We will love our new home.