Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Jesus

Today is Christmas otherwise known as the birth of Jesus, that day we call a birthday.
My children were excited about today as usual however this year was different.
We are currently in between houses, PCS, a military move, so we are spending some time with Zeus' family in Washington. The kids are not in their normal mode. Its odd but very fun to see the gears turning in their little heads. Zeus' mom is what I call a Bake-a-holic. She loves to bake and can be seen in her kitchen most hours of the day. So while, Nana, was baking this week Omega insisted they make cupcakes for Jesus. In our family as you know, you can not have a birthday without a cake. A cake is a must. No if, ands or buts. So he remembered that and down right insisted the cake or cakes be made. So all the grand kids help Nana, make and frost the birthday cup cakes.

After dinner we sang Jesus Happy Birthday as Omega insisted. Then we attempted to eat the cupcakes, but Omega had a fit because the top one was to be left for Jesus. One of his cousins, K, said he wasn't coming. Then he says yes he is, he is always here. There's no arguing with that, however he did not understand that the human Jesus would not be attending our birthday celebration for him. He really was upset that we were not planning to save to top cupcake. It was amazing to see the seriousness in which he took Jesus' birthday. He was all for Jesus. It was so stinkin cute but made me realize they are starting to understand what Dec. 25th is really all about. That made me proud and excited that I am and have been able to share the love of Jesus and real reason for the season with my children.

Merry Christmas to all and may your families experience the love of Jesus today and everyday.

Happy Birthday Jesus, we love you!!!

The Traveling Haskins House (soon to be St.Louis Haskins)

Monday, November 15, 2010

God is Good

I am stunned, amazed and extremely grateful with Gods timing of things. Just when I needed it someone, who knows who she is, stepped in and made my day. Actually she made my month, my season, my year. She listened to God and his timing and absolutely stepped in at EXACTLY the right time.
Blessings to this beautiful, wonderful and special lady for answering the questions I most needed answered. I am not sure how things like this happen but I believe God has the absolute perfect timing.

I am a grateful woman today knowing that I am loved by the one and only father that will never leave me behind. Everywhere I move, every time I cry, every place I build and every season I experience he is with me every single step of the way. Sometimes I forget that he is still there, because I am wallowing in my own sorrow or relishing in my own pride, but that is when I need him the most.

This week I was reminded that he is still here. He is still listening and he will not abandon me.

What an awesome feeling! I am thankful today.

Blessings from the HaskinsHouse

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time is flying, and My brain is just sitting.

Today as I look at the calendar and realize that my family is 30 days from completely relocating. I am stressed beyond belief. Zeus and I fill like we are handcuffed through this though. We have not received our official military orders yet nor have we received an official RIP, which is normally what is your first notification of an assignment. We are pleased to see that vMPF finally has our assignment loaded, so this is a step in the right direction. However, most bases and base organizations will not help you until you have one of these two pieces of paper. So we are kinda flying by the seat of our pants if you will. I have been overly friendly to the incoming housing office so that we get and stay on the housing list. I have been able to check off 3 things from our PCS list. I have procured hotels on both sides of the move with flexible dates. I have also gotten the babies seen at the dentist so that they can move into a new school system. And Zeus has completely dismantled the swing/play set. So we are making progress just not enough and definitely not fast enough for me.

But there are numerous other things on our list that are at a stand still and it is *killing* me. I do not like procrastination. It is one of my biggest peeves. I like to be ahead of the curve, and ahead of everyone around me. I can not stand being last. I can not help it. I am the mom who buys Halloween costumes in August and September. I have to be ahead of the pack. So when something is holding me  us back, it drives me bonkers.

I grew up with a band director that said " to be early is to be on-time, to be on time is to be late." That stuck with me to this day and that is how I run my life and my family. So when I see 30 days left and I do not see a truck scheduled to pick up our stuff, or a housing appt to give back the keys, or out-processing going on I begin to panic.

Now, I have to deal with when are we ACTUALLY going to leave this place? What state will my birthday boys be celebrating their 9th and 5th birthdays? Will we have a house by Christmas? If not where will we celebrate Christmas? Will my children be heartbroken when they realize Christmas will be very different this year? I am nervous for the kids sake.

What I do know is that we are leaving here in 10 days for a much needed visit with my Texas family. The kids and I will be in Texas for a whole week. Zeus will be joining us mid-way through to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, which hasn't happened in WAY too many years. I am looking forward to this for a bit of re-fueling, preparing me and my family for a very chaotic holiday season.

This will pass and we WILL get through this like we always do. I am very excited for the new scenery, new state, new life, for my husbands first chance to lead as an Officer and for a new chance to make some friends.

Blessings to all as you begin your holiday shopping and family traditions.
Haskins House

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guilty as charged

Today As I was driving my son to school and dropping the other two boys off at the turnstile, thoughts of our future came pouring in. They were not necessarily happy thoughts either. I am a mom, first and foremost and I need to provide the best for my kids. However, being a military family makes that just a little more difficult than your average mom.

In just a few short weeks my family will be on the move once again. This will be our 3rd state, 3rd house, and the kids 3rd school in one single calendar year. Yep, you read that right. In one years time we will have lived in 3 separate locations. So when I get to thinking about schools I start to feel myself panicking on the inside. My children are resilient, I know this. My children are exceptionally intelligent, I know this too. But what I don't know scares me.

You know, how will they be accepted in their new school? Will they be able to make as good of friends as they have here and D.C.? Will they be behind in school or certain subjects like when we arrived here? Is this fair to my children? Will they be mad at me in 10 years time when they are teenagers near or past high school graduation? All of this questions are running rampant in my little head today. I am not sure how to deal with them.

Last night we were sitting at the dinner table talking about all the countries Zeus has visited throughout his military career. It was rather amazing. But then we started talking about our roots. Like that question people ask you regularly, Where are you from? Omega asked mom, what do I tell them? Where am I from Mommy? My heart immediately sank and felt like it shattered into a million pieces on the dinner table. I felt terrible for him. I felt like a failure in that mere instant. What have we done to this beautiful precious babies? I gained my composure and told him of the story of the military child, also known as the military brat. The child that does not call any specific city or state home. The child that has friends in just about every state you can name. The child that knows more about Muslim countries and foreign lands than most adults. That child that depends on his or her parents for safety. That child who makes friends faster than you can unpack boxes.

I had to remind myself that these type of children are special, unique and well loved. My husband nor I were military brats. We did not understand military life until be became airmen ourselves. So neither of us understand even remotely what our own children might be feeling or experiencing. It is scary and sad all at the same time. Through all the preparations and planning for our move in 6 wks, I feel guilty. Guilty for the babies in not having a "home". Guilty for not being able to see their best friends often. Guilty for not being able to continue schooling in one system. Guilty for riping their hearts out every time we move. Guilty for all the nots that are out of my control. Guilty that they must suffer. Guilty that they do not know their extended family.

That's me Guilty as Charged.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Lost Housewives

Today I was down and out for the second day in a row from some ridiculous stomach bug. Nevertheless I have lost 3 pounds from all the upchucking. However, I am feeling much better at this point. While I was sick I turned on the daytime television. Bad idea. After watching a show I actually cared about these weird shows came on, they were all called The Housewives of OC, DC, New Jersey and Atlanta. The shows are ridiculous. Do we really need to show what 40 yr old women do and how much money they have. Come on now.

Why are we not showing the Housewives of Fort Hood, Bolling AFB, Quantico? Why do we not have shows that show the pure heart of this country. These are the people that need the money of the show more than all those millionaires. I am very disturbed by these shows and what they are doing. What is the point? You are rewarding all the cattiness and rude, stuck-up behavior. Why are you not showing the struggling single mom who works two jobs to pay the bills and lives on sandwiches to get by? There is so  much drama and attention surrounding these shows and I can't understand why someone hasn't thought of going into the "REAL" America and try to portray the lives of those that just recently lost jobs, those returning from war, those struggling from other issues. Middle America needs more attention and more money.

I do not know about you but I am fed up with these shows and I only saw one episode of each of them.

Too bad producers have decided to put this garbage on TV.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well Bloggy buddies, UCT's first official drop night  has come and gone and we have been drafted for our new base. It was quite the nerve wracking evening, I'll say. The draft order was random, or so they say. We came in at pick Number 6. After playing a short video/slide show of the location and job you are held in suspense for a few.

We were chosen for Scott AFB, IL into the AFNIC.

This is going to be a fantastic job for my husband, Zeus. This job was on our dream sheet. So for that we are thankful.

The children's reaction was quite depressing. The oldest two cried, they tried to keep it together but just couldn't. Zulu was excited and Ziggy he was just sad because Zero and Omega were sad. Once we left and were able to get home, well actually at the Mexican restaurant we were able to show the kids on the map where it is and all the things the surrounding area has to offer. Zeus threw in there all the sports teams and he had Zulu hooked. It took a little more with Zero and Omega, but we have officially won them over.

Most people do not understand what moving does to a family. It sounds simple. Its not. If adults have fear, nervousness, feelings of overwhelmingness then children will suffer those same feelings but will be multiplied. For our children, we have to move them from their friends, their sports teams, their school, their house and all those things that make them feel comfortable and secure. So when a military family has to move, it is not just the military member that is affected. It is the ENTIRE family.

Let the fun, stress and planning begin. SCOTT AFB here come the Haskins

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What are Octobers for?

Today is October 7, 2010.

Today is my Daddy's birthday. I sure hope you have a great day Dad. We love you and miss you.

What does October bring to your family?

For us it starts with cool, crisp air. How wonderful to have beautiful colors and the sweet smell of the ocean breeze.

This October is very different from those in the past. Tomorrow night, yes it is already here, we are going to a military event called Drop Night. A celebration and presentation geared toward pilots but modified for the *new* Cyber Officers, to receive notification of their upcoming base assignment. It is very nerve wracking. We had to put in a list of 5 bases or geographical locations and 3 job listings. A group of instructors and chain of command got together Tuesday night to decide each of the 15 class members next duty location. It is rather scary. So tomorrow is the day however good or bad it is, we will finally be able to start planning for the move that is now 61 days away.

Then we will have a little time to relax.

We get to work in a 7th birthday party for my dear Zulu who is overly excited.

Then I get to be a real life babysitting Auntie for a week. My brother who leaves for the U.S. Army in 90 days is taking his wife on a short but fun vacation and they have chosen me to watch the baby. I am ridiculously excited about spending time with such a sweet little girl, for a whole week. Watch out J & S, Auntie is gonna spoil her rotten and she will get mega playtime with cousins. Woo hooooo!!!

Then there's Halloween. Awwwww, what a fun time that always is. We always choose a theme to go by each year. The theme can not be scary, wicked or perverse. It has to be fun and happy. The theme was chosen in the Spring and I purchased all the costumes online in late August and September so I beat the rush and did not have to panic with last minute changes if one of my costumes was not available. What about your family and Halloween? Will you celebrate the good things that come with Halloween? We do. Remember last year? We brought home 28 pounds of candy. Yes, that is for real. Lets go for 30 pounds this year. I'm totally kidding. 2 pounds would be good enough for us anyways.

During the month we are going to be very busy planning for the move and securing all those things required to move a big military family. You know get hotels lined up on both sides of the move. Research schools. Sort through our stuff and get rid of a few things. Organize the house. Get on a housing list. Get a TMO (movers) date scheduled. And this list goes on and on, those of you military will understand the stress, excitement and shear madness that goes along with PCSing and during the holidays at that.

Welcome October. Welcome Fall weather. Welcome school pictures. Welcome pregnancies galore. Welcome base assignments. Welcome family birthdays. Welcome Halloween. Welcome Fall festivals. Welcome to all the fun, happy and exciting things October brings to our family.

Haskins House

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Its a beautiful day in the Neighborhood

What do all these have in common?

Tell me what you think!

~KY Jelly under car door handle
~Golf Balls in the Grill
~Newspaper covered windshield
~Zip tied steering wheel to door
~ 3 foot dinosaur on a porch multiple times
~Zip tied trash can to the fence
~Rubber banded sink sprayer
~Trash bags thrown over fences at midnight
~Golf balls in truck beds
~Golf balls on windshields
~Golf balls in planters
~Scarecrows in front windows

Did you figure it out?

If you guessed practical jokes then you guessed correctly. But all these practical jokes have happened on our street over the past few months. My husband is normally the instigator and often the perpetrator as well. But when he pulls something we are always expecting someone to "get us back". Thankfully, the neighbors have not figured out what I'm afraid of or How to catch me off guard. So, I'll just let em keep getting Zeus. It is always fun to see what happened overnight. What a fun way to show your love and care for someone. It just lets you know you are thought of and remembered!

What a fun neighborhood to live in! Today is a beautiful day to live in Bay Ridge Housing.

Haskins House

Monday, September 20, 2010


Ok, so today has really got me flustered with people, in general.

What in the world makes one think it is ok to just shoot someone?

I mean really. Did we lose the critical thinking in our education along the way?

Did we become so self absorbed that it doesn't matter what the consequences are for us or anyone else?

Come on Now!!!!! I am completely infuriated with those out there that think that is their right. Have they lost their minds? What is going on with Americans today? Did we lose an entire generation when "spankings" were banned and duel working parents became the norm? I'm not really sure what the real answer is here but I am sure tired of knowing that in the past year there has been 2 military base shootings with multiple injuries and deaths, dozens of workplace shootings and too many school gun run-ins. I am sure open for ideas here.

We as parents have got to start teaching our children how to deal with anger. We need to help them understand we are not always going to win and when we lose it is ok to hurt someone else. Teaching our children patience is a good first step. Humility is another thing we need. Heck why stop there, teach those babies that there are more important things in life than winning. They need to learn to love each other and help each other. Parents, to me is a good starting point. From there I am not sure what to do.

But I know I feel like those people that feel like owning a gun is a God given right, better think of the consequences. Make sure you lock that sucker up so that it is only used for your self DEFENSIVE. I am beginning to wonder if we have lost the real meaning of self-defense, in the first place. SO WHAT, you own a gun or bought a gun, that does not make you any more special than the person next to you. UGGGGGGG, I am beyond frustrated and can not believe that the Fort Bliss shooting today was on the back burner and hardly anyone I talked to had heard about it. But we all knew Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton were due in court.

Pray for America. Pray for our troops who are required to use the gun in battle. Pray for those lost along the way that patience and tolerance will get them before it is too late. Pray that more and more parents will make an impression in their children's minds to talk things out without physical violence. Pray for those family members of all those innocent lives lost. Pray for the soldiers of Fort Hood and Fort Bliss. Pray that America will stand together and help each other through life.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Its nice to help

Lately things have been a little Chaotic at the Haskins House. Well, really when is it not hectic.

1. Zeus going through Technical School in which he is the first class and is dealing with misinformation, flaws and many setbacks and ridiculously confusing schedule
2. Twinkle in 2 college courses which are kicking her butt, Writing course and a Thinking course, can we say yuck. The homework here is absurd.
3. All three big kids in school with loads of homework daily.
4. Ziggy in school half a day requiring Twinkle to keep a tight schedule.
5. Stressing about and trying to make sure we turn in our "dream sheet" so that we set our selves up for a good move in less than 90 days.
6. Trying to maintain relationships while being hundreds and sometimes 1000's of miles away is unbelievably hard
7. Potty training new Puddin pup is not the funnest new job of our lives
8. Stressing over housework and meal planning and trying to get us healthy while quick at the same time
9. Health issue that does not want to go away and struggling to keep appts

10...... We have decided to put ourselves out there yet again and step up and help a very needy family while they go through a terribly traumatic situation. We have done this before and been burned ever so badly. This time we are taking a different approach. We have a sweet, beautiful 5th grade girl staying with us until her family gets to a place where she can return home. We love it. I think she loves it. I know my kids love it. But it can be a little scary making sure we make the right decisions for her and us and that me make her feel as if she was one of the kids. I think we have done that but it is tough to say. Anyways, she is wonderful to have around and I could not have asked for a better person to come stay with us. It will be hard to let her go.

So in the end we are thankful that God has put us in her life and hers in ours. We are grateful to help and honestly Zeus and I love to help others as best we know how, however minor they might be.So this was just second nature and did not require a second thought. This is what makes us a military community. Helping others is something we hope others would and will do in the future.

Another day, another night here in the Haskins House.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Surprise, you're on Twinkles camera!

Yep yep yep, I am a happy girl. Not only did Zeus throw the best surprise party ever on Thursday night. He purchased the camera I have been waiting for all these months and years.

I loved and cherished my trusty ole Sony DSC but it was outdated and would not allow for me to change the lens out for more Professional quality photos. It is a charming little camera that has taken literally thousands of photos and been through wind, rain, sand, snow and lots of drops on the floor. But it was time to upgrade.

Zeus was sure to push me off for a few more years and I had convinced myself I could manage a little while longer. But deep down I wanted a new camera to push me a little more in the photo world. I have been super envious of some many and their new cameras but I was patient.

Well Zeus delivered in the best way. During the surprise party he had enlisted a classmate who was good with camera's and really liked photography. Zeus bought the camera and took it and all its contents to his classmate, A, to put together. A was kind enough to take a few initial photos at the party. I was a little jealous of A's cool camera. He asked if I wanted to see it and of course, I jumped at the opportunity. He said I could have it. I was like what? He said yeah you can have it cause its not mine. OK, then whose is it if its not yours. He said why yours of course. I was definitely confused but he and Zeus assured me that this indeed was my very own camera. I was beside myself. I even did an embarrassing happy dance in the middle of the kitchen while 40 other people looked at me like a crazy woman. I did not care, I had my new camera in my little hands and I couldn't have been any happier.

 From then on I was on a mission and that was to capture all those amazing, special people that came out to wish me a happy birthday. I think I managed to get just about everyone. There was a few little ones I did not capture. Never the less, I am now the happy owner of the wonderful, incredible Canon 2Ti. Oh Yeah, it is ROCKIN.

Amazing little camera for this simple little stay at home momma.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Its been a decade already

I'm a little numb thinking that my first child has reached the benchmark of 10. Has that ever scared any of you? Thinking that your first child hit such a huge milestone. Zeus and I are sad to think she is past the halfway point of moving out. YIKES.

We enjoyed a fun American Girl birthday last week celebrating her milestone. Many of her friends came over to partake in the crafting and eating. They made purses, flowers and headbands. What fun was had by all.
 Zero was very involved and very proud of her ideas and accomplishments.She was very excited to be the shining star for the day.

For her we hope that she continues to grow and mature and become the best writer she can. There is nothing she can not do and I will move mountains so that her dreams and goals are met.
 Daddy loves her too, wink wink
Zero, Daddy and I love you and are so proud of the person you are today. Respectful, helpful, intelligent, crafty and loving. These qualities will take you great places in life.We enjoyed spending the day with you and  your friends

Happy Birthday Miss Picky Pants( aka Zero)

Friday, August 6, 2010


So here's an Update on a previous post on our not so NICE house.

Remember mold was discovered in the laundry room about 4 weeks ago. Yep, you see that number correctly. 4 weeks and counting now

For 4 long weeks now I have had housing maintenance in and out of my house almost daily. Doesn't sound to bad until you take into account that I am required to be here EVERY time they are here and for the duration of their visit. Talk about getting tired of being housebound. Add in the fact that the kids go to school next week, the temperature and heat index have been over 110 and you have a recipe for insanity.

Since the last time we talked the workers have decided to go ahead and cut a bigger hole in my laundry room. Pretty much the WHOLE ceiling is gone now. Its been like this for about 1 week now.

If that wasn't bad enough,  there is now lots of drywall dust all over this laundry room. After this the workers thought it would be good to put plastic up to seal the ceiling up. Just as a temporary measure so it was not actively dripping all over everything. Good idea, NOT. After being up a few hours this is what happened due to the weight of the water it was keeping out.

The water was too heavy and caused it to fall spilling water all over this room. It was not a fun thing to find when I needed to try to do some laundry. If you know my family you know that I have to do over 20 loads of laundry a week to keep up and not drown in dirty clothes. I am unable to keep up with this construction zone of a laundry room.

The same day the workers still had not found the root cause of our moldy, leaky ceilings. I noticed mold in more than 7 rooms of our house by this day. Workers decided that they needed to go upstairs and cut a hole in our boys room to get some duct work there and seal it off as well. This meant that another hole was going to have to be cut. Only this time it was floor to ceiling on the wall, not the actual ceiling. Here's the result.

Lovely eh?
I'm really not to thrilled with how this is turning out. Can you blame me? Construction workers everyday? First sergeant threats? Housebound? Dirty, drywall dusty floors? Uunusable laundry rooms? Cluttered dining room? Nasty gnats on the moldy ceiling breeding who knows how fast?

It doesn't seem to be getting any better and actually it is getting worse. The kids noticed this morning that the AC vent in the living room has started to drip small water droplets. REALLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

One worker came yesterday to replace the insulation surrounding the main duct work in the laundry room. The other workers sent him back out this morning to repeat what he did yesterday. Seems so strange to me. Housing doesn't seem to care or want to come see what I am living with daily. Not one single inspector or housing rep has been here to check on the progress of this or my satisfaction/dissatisfaction of the work being done.

Pray that this will get resolved soon. Pray for more patience for me. Pray that we will not have to move again before we move later this year. Pray that the mold does not make anyone sick. Keep our family in your thoughts this week please.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Runaway

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Today was a day that I never wanted to see come. I experienced days like this as a child and never thought that as a mom I would see them come. A shock to me for sure.

I do my best to be the best mom and to make the best decisions for my babies. I really do. So today was really no different. I had decided to try a new method of consequences that had not been attempted in our family thus far.

Zulu was busted, by me, for whacking his older brother across the face and the side of the head with a toy. Omega was in major pain and really upset. I called Zulu down, after repairing and consoling the injured, and made him stand at attention. You military know what I'm talking about. You know, feet together, hands fisted, thumbs touching the thigh, shoulders straight, head straight, still and quiet. Yeah, that attention. While I calmly discussed what had just happened. I demanded, very politely, that he answer with a yes ma'am or no ma'am. He did as I requested but as I was talking to him I could see the anger building in his face and eyes. He started clinching those teeth and glaring the evil eye and turning red all at the same time. I amazingly, remained calm and collective, which is rare for me. I had this extreme feeling of peace. When I started asking deeper questions to Zulu about the situation, the consequences and what would happen if this were to occur to another person or at other places he just went off. It was like a freaking bomb. BOOM!!! Zulu was crying and had this deep, deep voice I had never heard before. I was a little frightened but he remained at attention and this gave me hope. He said I was mean. I was the meanest mom in the world. He said that he did not like me any more. He said that he just wanted to runaway.

Of course, my stomach jumped into my throat. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. I never thought it would happen. I gathered myself with tears running down my cheeks and calmly and quietly mentioned to him the things I do and provide for him. I asked if anyone else would do that and he said no. That got him to thinking. I told him how much I missed him while he was away and that I would miss him even more not knowing where he was or if he was OK. We were both crying by this time, but he was still at attention. I told him how much I loved him and how God had given him to me to raise and teach life's miserable lessons. I shared with him that I was responsible for preparing him for life as an adult. He continued to stream the tears. He was mad and I could see it eating him alive. I told him we do not hit. End of story. We solve our problems with words but never through physical violence. I do not want him to be physical. Zeus and I talk things through and these babies will know how to do that when they leave my guidance filled house for the real, adult world.

So after a good jumping on the trampoline to release his anger he came back in and climbed into my arms like a sweet baby.We cuddled and hugged and I told him and showed him how much I love him and need him here with me. I told him it is not time for him to leave yet. When it is time I will help him pack and move on to new places.

I was glad God was with me during this turn of events. He gave me strength, wisdom,and peace to get through a very scary point.I am grateful to have him with me because if I was alone it would not have been such a happy ending. Glory be to God that my child will be here just one more day.

Gotta love the misadventures of the Haskins House

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Racism, a class I'm taking

Over the past 3 1/2 weeks I have been taking a class on Racism and ethnicity. I pictured this class to be absolutely miserable before I started. I hate the topic of racism. I hate the fact that people flip, twist and tangle your words to get something negative out of it. It's all just, well, stupid if you ask me. But the school says I'm required to take it so here I am taking this course. And actually learning something from it

This week we are focusing mainly on slavery and African American history in America. Which is fine, we all should study our history. It teaches us about how to change the future. But a few interesting things have come up, well, not necessarily come up, I mean I have just come across. They are out there for all to know. I just never read about them until this week.

We were asked an interesting question. How would you feel if the descendants of slaves were given a annual government stipend? Meaning a federal payment for their troubles.

This struck me as a very odd thing. My answer is no. Now let me explain why. Slavery was abolished more than 150 years ago. Today there are not any slaves alive. There have been several generations since then. I do not understand paying a family that never saw it, lived it or even understands it fully. I do understand that we all need to be aware of it so that it doesn't happen again. But I also think if you try to create these payments there are many others that should get some monetary payments as well. The Japanese descendants that were put into camps during the war, the German descendants that were interned, the Native American descendants that were robbed of land and moved and this list goes on and on. We need not to try to pay them off. We need to all join together.

I watched a YouTube video of Morgan Freeman yesterday that really impressed me. He was doing an interview with someone, I didn't recognize the dude, who was questioning him about his African American history. I was pleasantly surprised that Morgan Freeman does not like Black history month. Nor does he want to be called a Black man.

/Like myself I feel having a month set aside singles out that race. Maybe not intentionally, but it does. We do not celebrate Japanese history, German history, Dutch history, Native American history as a specified month. So why do we celebrate Black history so prominently? Why don't we just add that into our schools as part of American history. Because it is American history, like Morgan says. When a white child comes home from school during the month of Feb. and asks why doesn't he have a month, please tell me how to explain that to my child who is a descendant of Native Americans and Germans, who both suffered as well. I think if we all stop talking about someone being racist the issue will go away, in time. Lets stop trying to find the negative in someones words. We need to support each other. We need to love each other. Forget about the petty stuff. Please quit trying to break someone else down or get them fired. We all misspeak!!!

Most people are not racist and don't want to be and try not to be. But if you continue to throw things in their faces and belittle them and talk down to them they really are not going to like you even if you were blue. That's not racist it's a fact, they don't like you, no matter your hair color, skin color or eye color. There are so many races and ethnicity's in America, lets celebrate them all. Lets be Proud to be Americans. Be supportive of our Constitution. Love our Freedoms. Learn to speak English. Be willing to help each other. Be Proud of the American Flag. Celebrate the fact that you choose your own path.

I hope that many will read this and understand that the more we talk about racism the more it will grow. If we take the power away then it can not harm us any longer. This will take many years and it needs everyones support. We have made huge progress and have much more to make. Come on America, join together, and lets live a happy AMERICAN life.

I hope you will take this as my attempt at challenging others to think positive about our future for the children's sake. This is in no way meant to be a negative or hurtful commentary. Just my thoughts.

Come back soon to the Haskins House for more on own lives.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

it all gets wierd

So this week is just that, weird. My 3 oldest babies left on Sunday morning headed for Texas. I proceeded to spend the day mostly in tears missing all my little hugs and kisses and silly conversations. I miss my little helpers and all the noise. I do still have my baby here and that has been nice. He is such a cuddle bug. It is super sweet. I also had to spend several hours working on another paper for school. Yes, I am attempting to go back to school.

Monday I slipped in the laundry room trying to turn off the water outside and noticed mold all over the ceiling.

Disgusting but it definitely made Zeus and I very curious. We started checking bathrooms and other rooms in the house looking for anything that might look suspicious. We found a 4 ft by 3 ft spot of ceiling mold in the garage. Then we found bubbling and discoloration of the ceiling in the kitchen. Ridiculous. Now, remember this house is only 6 months old. Brand new construction. I'm thinking the houses built in the 60's and 70's were built much for efficiently.

So yesterday Zeus and I were not getting along at all. I worked so hard to get my homework finished before he got home from school, so we could spend some time together without interruptions.Yea, that did not happen. It was all down hill from there.

Today all the maintenance workers were in and out of the house from 9 am til 2:30pm. More than 6 different people trying to find out why our ceiling was wet, moldy and dripping. After cutting through the wettest spot and buckets of water pouring on the floor, the workers managed to find the reason we have mold in 4 rooms. Zeus and I assumed the bathroom plumbing was leaking but much to our surprised the duct work was condensating causing massive amounts of sitting water. The main cause eluded the workers for a while until the 5th worker arrived, an HVAC contractor that immediately found the problem. When hurriedly building this house the builders managed to forget to enclose the attic allowing a large section open to the heat and cold outdoor temps and air. This hot air when coupled with cold water pipes created condensation which has over time starting rotting wood and destroying sheet rock ceilings. Workers had to cut an attic access in the garage which was suppose to be done when building, and get up in the attic and enclose the open area. Main problem is fixed. We are still left with a hole in the ceiling in the laundry room, brown ceiling spots, moldy ceilings and a duct dripping into my laundry room floor.

Workers are "hoping" that the ceiling and duct will dry by Monday so that all the repair work can be done.

Now doesn't that sound like a lot of fun.

 During the day today I managed to have 4 other children here since a wife of one of Zeus classmates had some medical issues and needed a sitter. I was glad to watch them while I worked on yet another paper. Boy these papers are getting mighty old and I'm only done with 2 1/2 weeks of 3 years. WOW, this is going to really be old by week 100. The kids were very well behaved.

Tell me this, why in the world would you build a house that does not meet any state code or regulations. Why would you expect a poorly built house to last very long. The housing office here on base has a 2 year warranty on all these units but after that they are going to be financially responsible for the costs of all this damage. I should warn them now that they are in for a HUGE surprise. The upkeep on these homes is going to be astronomical. Now, don't get me wrong, I love having such a large home that is comfy and cozy and new but I am so thankful I do not have to pay the mortgage. And so thankful this is not a long assignment.

Overall it has been a very interesting week.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


What does July 4th mean to you?

Does it mean party, boating, grilling and hanging out?

Or does it dig a little deeper to the real and true meaning of having a holiday weekend.

Well to me July 4th is huge. I am an Air Force vet and I am married to an active duty officer. So when July 4th rolls around I get goose bumps. It is a day to be grateful and thankful. I appreciate the true sacrifice of those families who have lost a military loved one. I feel that we as Americans do not pay tribute or honor those sacrifices like we should. Its not always about money though either. Its about helping those widows or widowers raise those children, love those children and help them by getting a break from all the stress of daily life.

July 4th is about appreciating those active duty military TODAY. Say thank you once in a while. It makes a huge difference. Stop and put your hand over your heart and stand still when you hear the National anthem played. Respect our nations flag. Understand the hardships of all those families that have a family member away whether it be in Iraq or 3 states away in Alabama. Support them in their efforts to better their lives and their children's.

July 4th is about celebrating something great and that is FREEDOM.
Freedom to drive, walk, swim, sing, talk, learn, work, worship, help, cook, and all those things we get to do because we are a free nation. This is not a right my friend. This is something that was earned by hundreds of thousands of military men and women and the sacrifices their families made to let go of them.
We are a blessed nation and we need not forget how we got here and how we continue to keep those freedoms and blessings

I hope you all had a great weekend. I hope as those fireworks were going up into the air you were thankful.
I know I was.

Zeus and I threw a CELEBRATE AMERICA party on Saturday evening. We invited many of my husbands classmates and their families, neighbors, friends and Zeus' OTS classmates. It was incredible. We ended up with 57 people here. Yes, all at the same time. Awesome. I've never thrown a party for that many before. I did not plan on having that many over when all this started but as we added names and families it just grew and grew. It was wonderful. I loved every minute of it.

We had hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, tater tots, mac n cheese, beans, chips and dip, homemade ice cream, pound cake, flag cake, cupcakes, key lime pie, brownies, fudge, fruit, ice cream cake and lots and lots of cokes.

 It was so much fun. We played on the swing set, jumped on the trampoline, played Bola ball, and the crowd favorite, ROCKBAND. Rockband got played for over 4 1/2 hours straight.
It was great to see the many different people come together to celebrate and appreciate each other and the company we created. I sure hope everyone had a good time because we sure did.

It was a lot of people but we ended up fitting quite comfortably in and around our house. I was thrilled to know that the only thing that was broken, damaged or injured was the toilet seat. WOW, no little fingers, no arms, no heads, no glass knick-knacks or anything. Just the toilet. Fantastic. These families have well behaved and very respectful children. It was wonderful.

Thank you Chatfields, Burns, Rodriquez's, Powells, Pelkeys, Ponds, Morris, Sterlings, Kingerys, Cooks, Thorpes, Allens, Mayos, and Jegede. I enjoyed meeting and spending time with all the wives and getting a chance to chat with all the classmates and neighbors. What a joy it was.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well as you would imagine my first day had me feeling more like a freshmen walking into high school the first time. But I guess its kinda the same thing, my first time in college in 10 years. Just like I had been told by my friends and neighbors, I was completely overwhelmed. All these numbers swirling around my head (4 out 7, 2 attendance, 2 posts, 2 every other week, 10 classmates, 150 words, 300 words), and I was just stressed to figure out which number applies to what and how important each one means. The worst past is, I'm not even taking a math class yet. Oh boy

Now one of my classes is going great. I have a good handle of what is expected and when I need to complete assignments and such. The instructor is down to earth and answers questions quickly and has laid the instructions out completely. There is nothing to "figure out" on my own other than finishing my assignments. I am very pleased with the course.

But this second class is a NIGHTMARE, and I do mean nightmare. I am not real fond of the instructor and the instructions are obsolete half the time. Great way to get things started, then you throw in there classmates that write like they talk and do not follow instructions. Total disaster.

So my first assignment was to write a 300 word summary on the difference between race and ethnicity in my mind. Not very easy for me because I am highly opinionated and have some real concerns that race and ethnicity in America leave specific people out. I have friends and loved ones that are Hispanic and in this course Hispanics are not considered their own race. Stupid, I know. Now, I was on fire last night having a very heated conversation with Zeus about this because I feel Hispanics are not treated equal in this verbiage. Now, they have their own ethnicity but if you want to separate the two then there needs to be acknowledgement in their race. I do not consider myself a racist. I love all people who treat others with respect and with love, no matter your skin, hair or eye color. But this class is really gonna be tough for me because I do not agree with many ideas and feel for the people we have left out. Anyways, I submitted my summary last night and with a knotted stomach and against my own views I hid my extreme anger and followed the idea Zeus suggested. The next part of the class I despise of is the fact I have to write a paper, sometimes two every week. YUCK, its my first week back and I'm already writing papers. Looks like an A is out for this course. As long as I pass I will be satisfied.

I appreciate all the support from all my blog readers, FB friends, family and neighbors. The greatest part of this journey is listening to my children ask how my class is going. Asking if they can see my homework. They ask if I need more quiet time or if they are bothering me. They are truly concerned and excited about my attendance in college. Makes me more determined to succeed and show them it can be done.

FIRST DAY was a success, now unto day two. Wish me luck cause I definitely need every ounce I can get.
Blessings from the Haskins House and continue to check in on our adventures

Friday, June 25, 2010

Guess Who?

Well the days have turned to weeks and the weeks have turned to months and the months have turned to years. Oh, you get me point.

For a long time now I have struggled with being just a "stay at home mom". I love it, don't get me wrong. It is absolutely amazing to raise my babies and not miss a moment. I love having stories about them that only I can tell because I was there to witness it. I love being the one they run to no matter what. I absolutely love the support and love they give me. They are just precious. But really, I look at life and understand that these 4 little beings will soon be 4 self sufficient adults that will spread their wings and leave the comfort of my nest. I am scared beyond belief at this point for those days. So I am being pro-active.

Zeus, as you all know has been going to school for years. He has an Associates, Bachelors, Masters and is currently working on another Masters soon followed by the PHD. I however have one semester of college and some military training.  Not much to speak of next to all his education.

This was the sacrifice I gave for my family and these babies. Now that they are all coming up on being in school, Now is time for me to step out of my comfort zone. Zeus has been EXTREMELY supportive almost down right pushy on this new idea. He helped do the research I needed and he even brought me flowers.

I am stinking scared. I am nervous. I am worried. I am overwhelmed. But I am hopeful. I am excited and I am eager to get this new adventure started. You ask what adventure? I bet you have already figured it out but let me spell it out for you if you haven't.


Yep, you heard right here. Straight from the horses mouth. I have enrolled in The University of Phoenix online program for my AA degree. Remember I told you I am starting with almost nothing. Luckily the training I have had in the past does transfer me 30 college credits so I am halfway there already. WOO HOO!!
The program should last about 9 months until I have that degree in hand. Thankfully my service to the United States of America through the Air Force has given me a huge financial opportunity. The Montgomery GI Bill is going to fund my education. For this I am greatful. I could never afford $16,000 a year for school. Thank you Harry W. Colmery, Rep. John Gibson, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Gillespie V. "Sonny" Montgomery for making my college dreams possible.

So watch and join me back here as this Military veteran, Air Force Officers wife, and stay at home mother of 4 makes her way through the doors of college education. I am sure I will have a rough go of it since school is extremely difficult for me. But check back often for crazy stories of stress, headache, and achievement as I head back to school for the first time in 10 years. Wish me luck because my first class starts next week.

Blessings to all of you
Come back soon to read more adventures from the Haskins House

Monday, June 21, 2010

It helps to know people

This past week we got the privilege to do something we already did but this time the babies got to join us. Remember this picture?

This was last September while we were in D.C., just before my husband PCS'ed.

On Sunday Zeus called a friend after we heard Mr. President was coming to town to have meetings on this here Gulf Oil spill. We turned in a few names, ours plus our next door neighbors . It was so last minute we did not expect to hear anything. But low and behold a email came in with our approval. Yippee! Rope line here we come.

Now we were under the impression that we were just going to see AF one land and see him get out and into the motorcade and depart. To our surprise Mr. Obama wanted to talk with and meet the people of Mississippi. So our family was able to shake hands and stand and talk with him. He really had a conversation with our children about school and summer. I was impressed that he took the time to speak with them on their level and about things they cared about. I was extremely happy that they were given the opportunity to meet with him. That was one thing I was sadden with in D.C., was the fact they never got to meet with him. Worry no more, that box was checked on Monday. Zeus had done his job and made that happen.

I am blessed and very thankful, because I know there are many people that go through life without ever getting to meet a President. NO matter who it is, just the fact that they are the sitting President is truly special.

All in all it was a great day. Seeing all that goes into moving him from location to location always gives me the chills.

Thanks to all the guys and gals at WHCA that worked to get that done for us. Home cooked dinner is not nearly enough, but I hope all of you know how thankful we are.
Blessings to each of you.

The military never seems to let us down and for that I am grateful.

Blessings to all my readers.
Come back soon for more news from the Haskins House.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

WOW, I just looked at the date of my last blog and my chin hit the floor. Geez, I've really neglected you guys out there. So sorry. But then again we have had an extremely busy month. But I am back for my weekly Thursday night blog. Hang with me.

The kids have been playing in a Spring soccer league here in Biloxi. It has been quite the experience to say the least. Zeus and I have been coaching the 3 oldest which are all on the same team and rooting on Ziggy, our youngest.

We have had the honor of having a player quit because she wanted it to be more social and have more players her age. You see this is the first season back since the devastating events of Katrina. So our league is in its infancy. We, as is the Commissioner are learning and working through all the kinks that come with putting something together such as a sports league.

Our commissioner, bless her heart, had no clue about what soccer is or what is needed. Nevertheless she felt the calling to tackle this position.

We as coaches have had to deal with endless schedule changes, unpainted fields, unmowed fields, no official fields, no team benches, no equipment, slim rosters, endless afternoon thunderstorms, Black flag conditions, rule changes, bugs, ants, cancellations and forfeits. Are you thinking the same thing I am? Yea, it has been a mess to say the least. I have been discouraged at times but keep reminding myself there are greater reasons I am here and those are all these bright children that just want to play. I was reading Nehemiah this morning and came upon chapter 2 verse 20. It was PERFECT. It talks about discouragement and success. That was exactly what I needed to read in this final week of soccer. Especially after this completely frustrating weekend.

Friday I was told that we would be moving the games up an hour due to the current heat advisory. Now, this weekend we are starting the first round of the playoffs. One would think that everyone would want to put forward their best and finish strong. But that did not seem to be the case. 10pm Friday night I received another phone call from the commish telling me that our game was cancelled due to forfeiture by the other team unable to man a team. What? are you kidding me? Wow, the other team only had 2 available players. WOW, totally frustrating. Now I had to contact my team that was to meet me at 9:45am the next morning for game warm-up. Not a happy coach by this point. So I send my email hoping that my team parents will check it before leaving in the morning. We still have to get up and take Ziggy to his 9 am game. Rush, Rush, Rush Saturday morning to get chairs, water, children fed, Ziggy dressed and make sure camera is in hand. We get to the baseball fields, turned soccer fields to find that the timed sprinklers did not get turned off all night and the fields were now the local duck pond. Frustrating beyond belief to see those fields flooded and sprinklers going strong. Major panic ensues and relocation's have to be found. Thankfully we were able to find places for all 4 games to play. None of the games started on time due to Sprinkler spoilage. WOW, what a morning. Then we find out that the 3rd place team in our league has had to forfeit as well thus defaulting our team and the Knights team to the championship game next week. Not the way I was hoping to get to the championship game but I am happy our team who truly deserved to be there was going to get the opportunity.

This week we watch as the heat advisory remains in effect going on 10 days now and looking at more evening thunderstorms, I think I am going to be jumping for joy come Fathers day knowing soccer season is finally over

Here are a few pictures of Ziggy's final game. He scored several times.

Come Back soon and see what we at the Haskins House are up to

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Great Expectations

As a little girl I would sit in my room and dream about and draw all the details of my wedding. Silly, yeah probably a little, but from what I hear most little girls do the same thing. They also dream of what Christmas is going to bring and how their 10, 13, 16, 18 and 21st birthdays are going to turn out. They plan for the perfect prom dress and ride. So as they get older they continue to dream about how many children they want, what type of career they need and where they will go to college. But with all this dreaming what we are not told is the heartbreak that comes along with the reality of the actual event. Dreaming is good, Expectations are far worse. Having expectations is simply setting yourself up for failure, at least in my eyes it is.

So when all the hype happens about New Years Eve, 10th Anniversaries, birthdays and Mothers Day its best to think of it as just another day. Then when something good does happen it will make you smile. That way those little wishes, hopes, dreams and plans do not get shattered and totally ruin the day.

I have to tell myself this all the time. It is so terribly hard not to get excited because of all the media hype of these occasions but I promise if you do, the moment and day will be far superior than you could have ever dreamed.

Like this weekend, when I had pictured all week what Mothers Day could or would be like. I pictured what gifts I really wanted. I pictured the pretty flowers, and beautiful smiles, yummy breakfast and happiness all day. But I decided on Saturday I was just going to let it be and whatever happened fine. If you know my husband or follow me here on the blog or through twitter or facebook you know he can be somewhat of a unique character. Sometimes even a scary character at that, nevertheless he is ZEUS and that's all I can expect him to be. So he is very un traditional. Not one ounce of romance in his body or even simple sweetness. NOPE not my Zeus.

So back to Saturday, I had just given up the idea of having a "normal" Mother's Day. I figured I would go in with little to no expectations and chances were that the day would turn out pretty good.

I was glad I did.

Sunday Morning I was waken to a dancing Zulu swinging a cloth napkin over his head like a pole dancer singing "wake Up Mommy, its Mothers Day! Wake up Mommy its Mothers Day". Upon waking up I got a glimpse of all of my babies one by one carrying something different headed right for me. Homemade heart shaped pancakes, scrambled eggs, Coffee and my utensils of course. Then they all disappeared. Yep, I ate breakfast in bed all by myself. It was peaceful I must admit.

After gathering myself and crawling out of bed I hear a little choir in my kitchen and the sounds of little hands clapping singing "Come on Down Mommy, its Mothers Day!" What a sweet and beautiful sound that was. All my beauties waiting patiently for me. They were so excited to see me open my gift. It was like Christmas for them. Super cute.

I opened the vinyl tablecloth they used as wrapping paper and was surprised to see a 4 pot flower planter with names on each pot corresponding to each of my babies. Each pot was filled by that child. I received Homemade cards, Homemade pencil erasers and pencils, my favorite candy bar, my favorite candy, bath salts, body wash, wine, a magazine, 4 packets of seeds and the best part a coupon book.

Yes the coupon book was the most prized thing in my pot. It was made by my husband and babies. One coupon for each year for each baby. 9 for Zero, 8 for Omega, 6 for Zulu and 4 for Ziggy and 4 group coupons for the total number of babies. They were pictures of them when they were each 6 months old. I slowly flipped through the pages reading their promised favors and tasks, shedding a tear or two or lots more if I have to be honest here. It was so special. Each child had come up with tasks to help me with. Clean the kitchen table, do dishes, do 2 loads of laundry, sweep the floor and etc. The best ones were the group ones with no expiration date and unlimited number of uses, cuddle time, movie time, family game time and hugs and kisses. What better gift could a mother ask for other than the children themselves.

This was definitely not in my dream but far exceeded my hopes for gifts.

Then we played games and hung out as a family. Later that afternoon Zeus chose a new restaurant and took us for seafood. On our way home we stopped by the beach to do some exploring and of course to give me some time to take some beloved pictures of my family. While at the beach Zeus found a shell that just so happened to have a hermit crab in it. The kids named him and he has become the latest member of our family, Kermit the hermit!

All in all it was a great day. I am so glad I let the expectations go and rolled with the tide because I gained so much more from it.

Thanks to my beautiful and wonderful family for making it a great day! Even if Zeus did get sick and give up a little early.

Blessings and I hope each of you can manage to take a step back. Relax the Expectations and go with the flow. You will find so much more joy and happiness.

Haskins House

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Over the past several weeks I have been on my own personal facebook campaign.
 If you are one of my facebook friends you will have noticed simple words as my status for quite some time now.
Can anyone tell me what they think the purpose or meaning of those words are?

I bet you can come close but not exact so I'll share with you.

You see 47 days ago my husband left us again, Shocking, for another military TDY/ training. So for 7 weeks he has been hanging with the other LT's out at Maxwell. During that time I developed some serious emotional issues and stress issues with this new found long distance relationship. So I started thinking. I know, scary right, when I start doing that but sometimes I do think. This time I thought about marriage and what it means to me. How serious it is. How important it is. And what kept sticking its nose in the way were these simple little words. LOVE, HONESTY, INTERDEPENDENT, EMPATHY, FRIENDSHIP. I thought about these for days. So I just decided you know what, I'm gonna make those my facebook status until Zeus comes home. And that was that. 47 words later I had voiced and shared the most important qualities I felt every marriage needs to succeed.

Now these are just what I feel are important. They may not be what you think but definitely words that drive me.



So look and read these, and pick up the dictionary if you have to because these will make or break you. I understand there are more than just these. I am learning the extreme significance everyday of these simple yet powerful little words. I hope you thought about them when they popped up on Facebook during the last month. I am trying everyday to improve upon these areas of my life and relationship. Maybe just maybe I can manage to keep him around a few more years. Until then, I just ponder the words and strive to do better. The rest just falls in place.

Haskins House

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The long year

Did I tell you guys that I am a little excited. Not too much, only a little.
Zeus comes home tomorrow afternoon and will be home for at least 6 months. Can you believe it? No, neither can I. It has been a very long time since normal has happened at our house. I am just a little thrilled to see it coming our way. There are some really good days in life and today is and has been a great day.

Kids have cooperated perfectly today. What a blessing from Heaven that was. I was stressing last night that today was gonna be rough. See what Prayer does, it makes a difference.

So If you do not hear too much from me for a few days you will understand we will be trying to reintegrate our family again after a long absence of normalcy.


Haskins House

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Are you a CEO?

Today I sit here thinking how terribly frustrated I am with my little world or company.

I think about some recent and not so recent decisions I made. Then I think "did I make the right choice? Is this REALLY what I signed up for? WOW, if it is I must be dumb, stupid or maybe just a little possessed"

I try my best to make sure everything I THINK I am in control of is spinning in just the right direction at just the right speed. But days like today and yesterday question my abilities to make it spin anyway at all.

Being a wife is definitely a tough task. Especially being a part time/ long distance wife. I do not get the physical moments most live-in wives get. I do not get a daily hug. I do not get the sweet touches or kisses that rejuvenate the soul. Those times where words are not needed just simple cuddling. PURE AFFECTION. You know that thing that makes you feel and think, OH I CAN do this. That feeling of relief and comfort. Yeah, not so much. This has proven a more challenging test then what I imagined.

Now throw in the MOM factor. Not to bad. But now multiply that times 4. Just got significantly harder. I know my job to teach, mold, shape and grow 4 little beings into what I believe is a productive, effective, and positive member of society sounds easy. Its not. And trying to do it alone is far exceeding my limits.

Now add a little Stay at Home action to that. Meaning my JOB is to run this place we all call a home. Only one problem, not one of the 5 other members likes or listens to how I plan or try to manage this place. NOPE, they each want to do it ALL there own way. Could you imagine a company running that way?  Every employee trying to tell the CEO how to do this and what to do with that. Are you kidding me? You would be fired just like that. Seems I do not have the ability to fire any of the 5 employees that are under me. Like Mister Trump says, If I can not control my employees or motivate them I must be a lousy leader.I am definitely second guessing my desire to continue on this journey of being a CEO of so many. Why not fire myself and make my own company where I am the only employee.Sounds good huh?

This rings harsh to my psyche. I want to through my hands up and let the Assistant CEO take over. But the issue is that I would still be doing most of the CEO job just getting paid a mail room clerks salary and not receiving any of the credit I would be due. That asst. would take credit for it all and expect me to make it all go smoothly.

This is not how I pictured running my company/ life. I am not sure how to change it.
My asst. CEO is only a part time employee and does not see how I do things on an everyday basis. The asst. doesn't care of the current business plan. The asst. just comes in and takes over throwing all my ideas out the window, doing it their way. WHAT? A company will never survive this way. The employees will get confused on what rules and laws to follow. The method of packaging is completely different. The method of cleaning and scheduling is far worse. These little employees try their best to follow all the methods set in front of them but they are seriously contemplating going on strike. They want the asst. fired from their duties. The CEO is who they want to take charge. The CEO is who they support. The CEO is who they want to work for, not the asst.

How do you tell the asst. that his methods are about to bring the whole thing crashing down on him and the CEO. How do you take control out of the asst.'s hands and return it where it rightfully belongs, in the CEO's?

I have tried polling other CEO's on how they run their own similar yet different company. The answer they all have is disheartening to me. They say you hired the wrong asst. or you need to train them or send them to training. WHAT? I just shake my head. Where is this training? How in the world do you train a know-it-all assistant and make a difference?

How do you avoid a complete uprising from the employees? How do you manage to keep peaceful control? What do you do when one of the employees thinks they can do a better job than the asst and want to be promoted?

This is what my life has become. As hard as I try to do the dishes, laundry, disciplining, mothering, fathering and every other duty that has been placed in my lap. I have fallen short. I have faltered in my communication. I have created chaos and almost full blown rioting. I pray. Lord help me please. I obviously can not do this alone and by the looks of it my way is not working.

My managing is at risk of complete failure with the asst. setting up a covert coup. How do I avoid the unstoppable?

Are you a CEO? If so how do you motivate your assistant to only do certain tasks and without disrupting the other plan you have already implemented? I am looking deep for healthy, supportive yet problem solving answers and suggestions. Go ahead, SHOOT, because my gun is jammed!!!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Keeping with Tradition

We reached another great milestone this week.

I know, these milestones are all happening way to fast. Before I know it I will have 3 daughters in law and a son in law. HOLY COW!!!

No really. Having moved to a new base, we are in for a few changes from our old base. IMAGINE THAT.

The kids love to play organized sports. They are very competitive as are Zeus and I . We encourage the kids to try everything a couple times and make friends through team sports.

Last time we coached was fall soccer in D.C. Zeus coached Zero and Omega and I coached Zulu. Ziggy had to sit on the sidelines and watch. After that season I realized Zulu needed a non-parent coach in the future. We just butted heads WAY. TO. MUCH. To the point of embarrassment. Anyways that was that.

So once we got here and checked the sport schedule much to our surprise the south has spring soccer. Yippee! This is my favorite sport to watch with youth . It is just too precious and quite funny, but we won't tell my babies that.

Anyways we signed the 3 big kids up and proceeded to eval day. Much to my surprise 3 and 4 yr olds could play at this base. WOW, that is super cool. So we watched as the big kids took there evaluation. The following day the phone rang. Zeus answered and was told Zulu is very advanced for his age, would we be ok with him moving up. First off, we knew the child has natural abilities. So yes absolutely especially if it benefits him. Once Zeus told me I was thrilled but freaking scared. WHY?

Because Zeus and I had committed to coaching Zero and Omega's team. Now Zulu would join the bunch. UH OH, were my first thoughts. I needed to talk to Zulu quickly and ask what he thought about being back on Mom and Dad's team. He was not to thrilled about the coachs but tuned that out as he realized he was only 6 and going to be playing with 9-12 yr olds. He did the boogy dance. Just a little on the happy side. Lets just hope the coaching issue is a minor set back.

But the best part of all of this is that fact that the littlest member of our Haskins House is going to play soccer. YEP, you heard it hear first. Ziggy is now officially a soccer star. Thrilling.Exciting.

OH Geez, what have I gotten myself into. All 4 are playing organized sports. YIKES. This is definitely going to be interesting. Thankfully Zeus will only miss the first 2 weeks. Then at least I will have a back up.

Wish me luck! I am definitely going to need it. Let the wheels turn on my soccer mobile cause this Soccer Mom is on the run.

I will leave you with a few shots of Ziggy's first practice.

Come back soon to watch and see more from the Haskins House Live in Mississippi

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

and the waiting is over

This past week was a huge milestone not only to me but to my family as well. As a mother, not all, but most look forward to the day that their little birdie grows wings and learns to fly. I have always looked forward to this day. But I think it came more quickly than I imagined. Don't get me wrong here, OK. Here me out. I love all these beauties God loaned me. They are precious and I would not give them away for any amount of money.

I think as they get older and start to flourish it makes us thrilled and excited to see them learn more and do more. Kinda like the day when they crawl. walk. talk. You see its so thrilling. So as the day quickly approached, and I do mean quickly I begin to get excited.

Not for all the reasons many of you think. My little man is extremely intelligent and has been showing us signs for a LONG time. I have worked with him as have his older siblings. And because of this he is far ahead of where he should be, and that's great. But I had reached the point where I could not give him all the education needs in which he desired. So the time came to send him off to school. I was thrilled that he could make friends. I was ready for him to learn better writing skills. I was ready for him to be with others his own age. He was ready to go into a group setting. I was slightly looking forward to some time to myself. This was not my motivating factor at all. It truly was to get my baby the education he needs.

That day came on Tuesday when he attended his very first day of school. That was one of the first days he was not up and at em when the alarm went off. He really did not want to get out of bed at all. I was sad because I had to wake him. I was excited to see his face when he walked into that room with those other children. Once he was up he was GUNG HO for school.

He ate breakfast while explaining to me and the big kids what he was going to do that day at school. It was precious. He already had it planned out in his little mind. He got dressed all on his own, to my disappointment. I really did want to help him, my baby. Nope, He told me he did not need my help. OUCH!!! Then he promptly gathered his backpack and things and proceeded out the front door. One problem, we did not have to leave for 20 minutes. Yea, he was slightly excited. It was adorable. The best part of the morning was watching and listening to the big kids cheer him on and give him advice and ask him things. AWESOME. I was proud of the big kids for being so supportive and helpful. I was sad to. Because I knew this was it. No more baby. No more morning snuggles. No more hanging in our jammie's. No more excuses. All my babies have earned their wings. I was a little sad driving there. I was sure not to let him see it. I talked excitedly about what he would do. Then I walked him in and signed him in. Gave him a GIANT HUG AND KISS and away he went.

What a great day for him and super sad day for me.

Blessings to all of you! come back soon