Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Jesus

Today is Christmas otherwise known as the birth of Jesus, that day we call a birthday.
My children were excited about today as usual however this year was different.
We are currently in between houses, PCS, a military move, so we are spending some time with Zeus' family in Washington. The kids are not in their normal mode. Its odd but very fun to see the gears turning in their little heads. Zeus' mom is what I call a Bake-a-holic. She loves to bake and can be seen in her kitchen most hours of the day. So while, Nana, was baking this week Omega insisted they make cupcakes for Jesus. In our family as you know, you can not have a birthday without a cake. A cake is a must. No if, ands or buts. So he remembered that and down right insisted the cake or cakes be made. So all the grand kids help Nana, make and frost the birthday cup cakes.

After dinner we sang Jesus Happy Birthday as Omega insisted. Then we attempted to eat the cupcakes, but Omega had a fit because the top one was to be left for Jesus. One of his cousins, K, said he wasn't coming. Then he says yes he is, he is always here. There's no arguing with that, however he did not understand that the human Jesus would not be attending our birthday celebration for him. He really was upset that we were not planning to save to top cupcake. It was amazing to see the seriousness in which he took Jesus' birthday. He was all for Jesus. It was so stinkin cute but made me realize they are starting to understand what Dec. 25th is really all about. That made me proud and excited that I am and have been able to share the love of Jesus and real reason for the season with my children.

Merry Christmas to all and may your families experience the love of Jesus today and everyday.

Happy Birthday Jesus, we love you!!!

The Traveling Haskins House (soon to be St.Louis Haskins)