Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time is flying, and My brain is just sitting.

Today as I look at the calendar and realize that my family is 30 days from completely relocating. I am stressed beyond belief. Zeus and I fill like we are handcuffed through this though. We have not received our official military orders yet nor have we received an official RIP, which is normally what is your first notification of an assignment. We are pleased to see that vMPF finally has our assignment loaded, so this is a step in the right direction. However, most bases and base organizations will not help you until you have one of these two pieces of paper. So we are kinda flying by the seat of our pants if you will. I have been overly friendly to the incoming housing office so that we get and stay on the housing list. I have been able to check off 3 things from our PCS list. I have procured hotels on both sides of the move with flexible dates. I have also gotten the babies seen at the dentist so that they can move into a new school system. And Zeus has completely dismantled the swing/play set. So we are making progress just not enough and definitely not fast enough for me.

But there are numerous other things on our list that are at a stand still and it is *killing* me. I do not like procrastination. It is one of my biggest peeves. I like to be ahead of the curve, and ahead of everyone around me. I can not stand being last. I can not help it. I am the mom who buys Halloween costumes in August and September. I have to be ahead of the pack. So when something is holding me  us back, it drives me bonkers.

I grew up with a band director that said " to be early is to be on-time, to be on time is to be late." That stuck with me to this day and that is how I run my life and my family. So when I see 30 days left and I do not see a truck scheduled to pick up our stuff, or a housing appt to give back the keys, or out-processing going on I begin to panic.

Now, I have to deal with when are we ACTUALLY going to leave this place? What state will my birthday boys be celebrating their 9th and 5th birthdays? Will we have a house by Christmas? If not where will we celebrate Christmas? Will my children be heartbroken when they realize Christmas will be very different this year? I am nervous for the kids sake.

What I do know is that we are leaving here in 10 days for a much needed visit with my Texas family. The kids and I will be in Texas for a whole week. Zeus will be joining us mid-way through to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, which hasn't happened in WAY too many years. I am looking forward to this for a bit of re-fueling, preparing me and my family for a very chaotic holiday season.

This will pass and we WILL get through this like we always do. I am very excited for the new scenery, new state, new life, for my husbands first chance to lead as an Officer and for a new chance to make some friends.

Blessings to all as you begin your holiday shopping and family traditions.
Haskins House


Christy Lynn said...

MPF seems to be broken AF-wide. Lee has PCS'd more than once with no orders, I don't know how he did that. For this move, he got his RIP in plenty of time, but we didn't get his orders until within two weeks of leaving Okinawa and no one would talk to us without the orders...not housing, not TMO, no one. Lee finally had to get his commander involved to get MPF moving on the orders, so all I can tell you is that Zeus will have to keep hassling the MPF office on pretty much a daily basis. Definitely keep talking to flight commanders and such to make sure that everyone knows you're still waiting for your paperwork--squeaky wheel gets the grease, know what I mean?

I SO remember Mr. Hull saying that! I visited Haltom last week (didn't see him though) and the school has changed quite a bit. They added a LOT onto the front so there's a whole new hallway on each floor, and it's much more prison-esque than I remember it being. The Highsteppers are in the old band hall and they built on a new one. One thing I wasn't happy about is I couldn't see where Nicole's tree is, I wonder what happened to it when they built on the fine arts wing so much.

Give me a shout when you get here! I'll be flying to NC after Thanksgiving with Lee so we can drive him back to Texas before we leave for our next assignment in December. I'd love to see you!