Monday, November 15, 2010

God is Good

I am stunned, amazed and extremely grateful with Gods timing of things. Just when I needed it someone, who knows who she is, stepped in and made my day. Actually she made my month, my season, my year. She listened to God and his timing and absolutely stepped in at EXACTLY the right time.
Blessings to this beautiful, wonderful and special lady for answering the questions I most needed answered. I am not sure how things like this happen but I believe God has the absolute perfect timing.

I am a grateful woman today knowing that I am loved by the one and only father that will never leave me behind. Everywhere I move, every time I cry, every place I build and every season I experience he is with me every single step of the way. Sometimes I forget that he is still there, because I am wallowing in my own sorrow or relishing in my own pride, but that is when I need him the most.

This week I was reminded that he is still here. He is still listening and he will not abandon me.

What an awesome feeling! I am thankful today.

Blessings from the HaskinsHouse