Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Lost Housewives

Today I was down and out for the second day in a row from some ridiculous stomach bug. Nevertheless I have lost 3 pounds from all the upchucking. However, I am feeling much better at this point. While I was sick I turned on the daytime television. Bad idea. After watching a show I actually cared about these weird shows came on, they were all called The Housewives of OC, DC, New Jersey and Atlanta. The shows are ridiculous. Do we really need to show what 40 yr old women do and how much money they have. Come on now.

Why are we not showing the Housewives of Fort Hood, Bolling AFB, Quantico? Why do we not have shows that show the pure heart of this country. These are the people that need the money of the show more than all those millionaires. I am very disturbed by these shows and what they are doing. What is the point? You are rewarding all the cattiness and rude, stuck-up behavior. Why are you not showing the struggling single mom who works two jobs to pay the bills and lives on sandwiches to get by? There is so  much drama and attention surrounding these shows and I can't understand why someone hasn't thought of going into the "REAL" America and try to portray the lives of those that just recently lost jobs, those returning from war, those struggling from other issues. Middle America needs more attention and more money.

I do not know about you but I am fed up with these shows and I only saw one episode of each of them.

Too bad producers have decided to put this garbage on TV.