Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well Bloggy buddies, UCT's first official drop night  has come and gone and we have been drafted for our new base. It was quite the nerve wracking evening, I'll say. The draft order was random, or so they say. We came in at pick Number 6. After playing a short video/slide show of the location and job you are held in suspense for a few.

We were chosen for Scott AFB, IL into the AFNIC.

This is going to be a fantastic job for my husband, Zeus. This job was on our dream sheet. So for that we are thankful.

The children's reaction was quite depressing. The oldest two cried, they tried to keep it together but just couldn't. Zulu was excited and Ziggy he was just sad because Zero and Omega were sad. Once we left and were able to get home, well actually at the Mexican restaurant we were able to show the kids on the map where it is and all the things the surrounding area has to offer. Zeus threw in there all the sports teams and he had Zulu hooked. It took a little more with Zero and Omega, but we have officially won them over.

Most people do not understand what moving does to a family. It sounds simple. Its not. If adults have fear, nervousness, feelings of overwhelmingness then children will suffer those same feelings but will be multiplied. For our children, we have to move them from their friends, their sports teams, their school, their house and all those things that make them feel comfortable and secure. So when a military family has to move, it is not just the military member that is affected. It is the ENTIRE family.

Let the fun, stress and planning begin. SCOTT AFB here come the Haskins


Christy Lynn said...

Do you know about when you'll be getting to Scott? I've never been to Illinois so I couldn't tell you anything about it. I'm sure the kiddos will be fine once you get there!

Zeus and Twinkle Haskins said...

Christy- We are headed out about the first week of December. They are starting to do better. We are excited. Where are you headed?