Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guilty as charged

Today As I was driving my son to school and dropping the other two boys off at the turnstile, thoughts of our future came pouring in. They were not necessarily happy thoughts either. I am a mom, first and foremost and I need to provide the best for my kids. However, being a military family makes that just a little more difficult than your average mom.

In just a few short weeks my family will be on the move once again. This will be our 3rd state, 3rd house, and the kids 3rd school in one single calendar year. Yep, you read that right. In one years time we will have lived in 3 separate locations. So when I get to thinking about schools I start to feel myself panicking on the inside. My children are resilient, I know this. My children are exceptionally intelligent, I know this too. But what I don't know scares me.

You know, how will they be accepted in their new school? Will they be able to make as good of friends as they have here and D.C.? Will they be behind in school or certain subjects like when we arrived here? Is this fair to my children? Will they be mad at me in 10 years time when they are teenagers near or past high school graduation? All of this questions are running rampant in my little head today. I am not sure how to deal with them.

Last night we were sitting at the dinner table talking about all the countries Zeus has visited throughout his military career. It was rather amazing. But then we started talking about our roots. Like that question people ask you regularly, Where are you from? Omega asked mom, what do I tell them? Where am I from Mommy? My heart immediately sank and felt like it shattered into a million pieces on the dinner table. I felt terrible for him. I felt like a failure in that mere instant. What have we done to this beautiful precious babies? I gained my composure and told him of the story of the military child, also known as the military brat. The child that does not call any specific city or state home. The child that has friends in just about every state you can name. The child that knows more about Muslim countries and foreign lands than most adults. That child that depends on his or her parents for safety. That child who makes friends faster than you can unpack boxes.

I had to remind myself that these type of children are special, unique and well loved. My husband nor I were military brats. We did not understand military life until be became airmen ourselves. So neither of us understand even remotely what our own children might be feeling or experiencing. It is scary and sad all at the same time. Through all the preparations and planning for our move in 6 wks, I feel guilty. Guilty for the babies in not having a "home". Guilty for not being able to see their best friends often. Guilty for not being able to continue schooling in one system. Guilty for riping their hearts out every time we move. Guilty for all the nots that are out of my control. Guilty that they must suffer. Guilty that they do not know their extended family.

That's me Guilty as Charged.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Lost Housewives

Today I was down and out for the second day in a row from some ridiculous stomach bug. Nevertheless I have lost 3 pounds from all the upchucking. However, I am feeling much better at this point. While I was sick I turned on the daytime television. Bad idea. After watching a show I actually cared about these weird shows came on, they were all called The Housewives of OC, DC, New Jersey and Atlanta. The shows are ridiculous. Do we really need to show what 40 yr old women do and how much money they have. Come on now.

Why are we not showing the Housewives of Fort Hood, Bolling AFB, Quantico? Why do we not have shows that show the pure heart of this country. These are the people that need the money of the show more than all those millionaires. I am very disturbed by these shows and what they are doing. What is the point? You are rewarding all the cattiness and rude, stuck-up behavior. Why are you not showing the struggling single mom who works two jobs to pay the bills and lives on sandwiches to get by? There is so  much drama and attention surrounding these shows and I can't understand why someone hasn't thought of going into the "REAL" America and try to portray the lives of those that just recently lost jobs, those returning from war, those struggling from other issues. Middle America needs more attention and more money.

I do not know about you but I am fed up with these shows and I only saw one episode of each of them.

Too bad producers have decided to put this garbage on TV.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well Bloggy buddies, UCT's first official drop night  has come and gone and we have been drafted for our new base. It was quite the nerve wracking evening, I'll say. The draft order was random, or so they say. We came in at pick Number 6. After playing a short video/slide show of the location and job you are held in suspense for a few.

We were chosen for Scott AFB, IL into the AFNIC.

This is going to be a fantastic job for my husband, Zeus. This job was on our dream sheet. So for that we are thankful.

The children's reaction was quite depressing. The oldest two cried, they tried to keep it together but just couldn't. Zulu was excited and Ziggy he was just sad because Zero and Omega were sad. Once we left and were able to get home, well actually at the Mexican restaurant we were able to show the kids on the map where it is and all the things the surrounding area has to offer. Zeus threw in there all the sports teams and he had Zulu hooked. It took a little more with Zero and Omega, but we have officially won them over.

Most people do not understand what moving does to a family. It sounds simple. Its not. If adults have fear, nervousness, feelings of overwhelmingness then children will suffer those same feelings but will be multiplied. For our children, we have to move them from their friends, their sports teams, their school, their house and all those things that make them feel comfortable and secure. So when a military family has to move, it is not just the military member that is affected. It is the ENTIRE family.

Let the fun, stress and planning begin. SCOTT AFB here come the Haskins

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What are Octobers for?

Today is October 7, 2010.

Today is my Daddy's birthday. I sure hope you have a great day Dad. We love you and miss you.

What does October bring to your family?

For us it starts with cool, crisp air. How wonderful to have beautiful colors and the sweet smell of the ocean breeze.

This October is very different from those in the past. Tomorrow night, yes it is already here, we are going to a military event called Drop Night. A celebration and presentation geared toward pilots but modified for the *new* Cyber Officers, to receive notification of their upcoming base assignment. It is very nerve wracking. We had to put in a list of 5 bases or geographical locations and 3 job listings. A group of instructors and chain of command got together Tuesday night to decide each of the 15 class members next duty location. It is rather scary. So tomorrow is the day however good or bad it is, we will finally be able to start planning for the move that is now 61 days away.

Then we will have a little time to relax.

We get to work in a 7th birthday party for my dear Zulu who is overly excited.

Then I get to be a real life babysitting Auntie for a week. My brother who leaves for the U.S. Army in 90 days is taking his wife on a short but fun vacation and they have chosen me to watch the baby. I am ridiculously excited about spending time with such a sweet little girl, for a whole week. Watch out J & S, Auntie is gonna spoil her rotten and she will get mega playtime with cousins. Woo hooooo!!!

Then there's Halloween. Awwwww, what a fun time that always is. We always choose a theme to go by each year. The theme can not be scary, wicked or perverse. It has to be fun and happy. The theme was chosen in the Spring and I purchased all the costumes online in late August and September so I beat the rush and did not have to panic with last minute changes if one of my costumes was not available. What about your family and Halloween? Will you celebrate the good things that come with Halloween? We do. Remember last year? We brought home 28 pounds of candy. Yes, that is for real. Lets go for 30 pounds this year. I'm totally kidding. 2 pounds would be good enough for us anyways.

During the month we are going to be very busy planning for the move and securing all those things required to move a big military family. You know get hotels lined up on both sides of the move. Research schools. Sort through our stuff and get rid of a few things. Organize the house. Get on a housing list. Get a TMO (movers) date scheduled. And this list goes on and on, those of you military will understand the stress, excitement and shear madness that goes along with PCSing and during the holidays at that.

Welcome October. Welcome Fall weather. Welcome school pictures. Welcome pregnancies galore. Welcome base assignments. Welcome family birthdays. Welcome Halloween. Welcome Fall festivals. Welcome to all the fun, happy and exciting things October brings to our family.

Haskins House