Friday, September 17, 2010

Its nice to help

Lately things have been a little Chaotic at the Haskins House. Well, really when is it not hectic.

1. Zeus going through Technical School in which he is the first class and is dealing with misinformation, flaws and many setbacks and ridiculously confusing schedule
2. Twinkle in 2 college courses which are kicking her butt, Writing course and a Thinking course, can we say yuck. The homework here is absurd.
3. All three big kids in school with loads of homework daily.
4. Ziggy in school half a day requiring Twinkle to keep a tight schedule.
5. Stressing about and trying to make sure we turn in our "dream sheet" so that we set our selves up for a good move in less than 90 days.
6. Trying to maintain relationships while being hundreds and sometimes 1000's of miles away is unbelievably hard
7. Potty training new Puddin pup is not the funnest new job of our lives
8. Stressing over housework and meal planning and trying to get us healthy while quick at the same time
9. Health issue that does not want to go away and struggling to keep appts

10...... We have decided to put ourselves out there yet again and step up and help a very needy family while they go through a terribly traumatic situation. We have done this before and been burned ever so badly. This time we are taking a different approach. We have a sweet, beautiful 5th grade girl staying with us until her family gets to a place where she can return home. We love it. I think she loves it. I know my kids love it. But it can be a little scary making sure we make the right decisions for her and us and that me make her feel as if she was one of the kids. I think we have done that but it is tough to say. Anyways, she is wonderful to have around and I could not have asked for a better person to come stay with us. It will be hard to let her go.

So in the end we are thankful that God has put us in her life and hers in ours. We are grateful to help and honestly Zeus and I love to help others as best we know how, however minor they might be.So this was just second nature and did not require a second thought. This is what makes us a military community. Helping others is something we hope others would and will do in the future.

Another day, another night here in the Haskins House.