Monday, September 20, 2010


Ok, so today has really got me flustered with people, in general.

What in the world makes one think it is ok to just shoot someone?

I mean really. Did we lose the critical thinking in our education along the way?

Did we become so self absorbed that it doesn't matter what the consequences are for us or anyone else?

Come on Now!!!!! I am completely infuriated with those out there that think that is their right. Have they lost their minds? What is going on with Americans today? Did we lose an entire generation when "spankings" were banned and duel working parents became the norm? I'm not really sure what the real answer is here but I am sure tired of knowing that in the past year there has been 2 military base shootings with multiple injuries and deaths, dozens of workplace shootings and too many school gun run-ins. I am sure open for ideas here.

We as parents have got to start teaching our children how to deal with anger. We need to help them understand we are not always going to win and when we lose it is ok to hurt someone else. Teaching our children patience is a good first step. Humility is another thing we need. Heck why stop there, teach those babies that there are more important things in life than winning. They need to learn to love each other and help each other. Parents, to me is a good starting point. From there I am not sure what to do.

But I know I feel like those people that feel like owning a gun is a God given right, better think of the consequences. Make sure you lock that sucker up so that it is only used for your self DEFENSIVE. I am beginning to wonder if we have lost the real meaning of self-defense, in the first place. SO WHAT, you own a gun or bought a gun, that does not make you any more special than the person next to you. UGGGGGGG, I am beyond frustrated and can not believe that the Fort Bliss shooting today was on the back burner and hardly anyone I talked to had heard about it. But we all knew Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton were due in court.

Pray for America. Pray for our troops who are required to use the gun in battle. Pray for those lost along the way that patience and tolerance will get them before it is too late. Pray that more and more parents will make an impression in their children's minds to talk things out without physical violence. Pray for those family members of all those innocent lives lost. Pray for the soldiers of Fort Hood and Fort Bliss. Pray that America will stand together and help each other through life.