Friday, August 6, 2010


So here's an Update on a previous post on our not so NICE house.

Remember mold was discovered in the laundry room about 4 weeks ago. Yep, you see that number correctly. 4 weeks and counting now

For 4 long weeks now I have had housing maintenance in and out of my house almost daily. Doesn't sound to bad until you take into account that I am required to be here EVERY time they are here and for the duration of their visit. Talk about getting tired of being housebound. Add in the fact that the kids go to school next week, the temperature and heat index have been over 110 and you have a recipe for insanity.

Since the last time we talked the workers have decided to go ahead and cut a bigger hole in my laundry room. Pretty much the WHOLE ceiling is gone now. Its been like this for about 1 week now.

If that wasn't bad enough,  there is now lots of drywall dust all over this laundry room. After this the workers thought it would be good to put plastic up to seal the ceiling up. Just as a temporary measure so it was not actively dripping all over everything. Good idea, NOT. After being up a few hours this is what happened due to the weight of the water it was keeping out.

The water was too heavy and caused it to fall spilling water all over this room. It was not a fun thing to find when I needed to try to do some laundry. If you know my family you know that I have to do over 20 loads of laundry a week to keep up and not drown in dirty clothes. I am unable to keep up with this construction zone of a laundry room.

The same day the workers still had not found the root cause of our moldy, leaky ceilings. I noticed mold in more than 7 rooms of our house by this day. Workers decided that they needed to go upstairs and cut a hole in our boys room to get some duct work there and seal it off as well. This meant that another hole was going to have to be cut. Only this time it was floor to ceiling on the wall, not the actual ceiling. Here's the result.

Lovely eh?
I'm really not to thrilled with how this is turning out. Can you blame me? Construction workers everyday? First sergeant threats? Housebound? Dirty, drywall dusty floors? Uunusable laundry rooms? Cluttered dining room? Nasty gnats on the moldy ceiling breeding who knows how fast?

It doesn't seem to be getting any better and actually it is getting worse. The kids noticed this morning that the AC vent in the living room has started to drip small water droplets. REALLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

One worker came yesterday to replace the insulation surrounding the main duct work in the laundry room. The other workers sent him back out this morning to repeat what he did yesterday. Seems so strange to me. Housing doesn't seem to care or want to come see what I am living with daily. Not one single inspector or housing rep has been here to check on the progress of this or my satisfaction/dissatisfaction of the work being done.

Pray that this will get resolved soon. Pray for more patience for me. Pray that we will not have to move again before we move later this year. Pray that the mold does not make anyone sick. Keep our family in your thoughts this week please.


Christy Lynn said...

You guys need to call (or better yet, go to) housing and complain until they fix it!! At this point they should probably move you out of your house and into a different one, that has gotten beyond ridiculous. If necessary, I'd say have your hubs talk to his commander and get some help with this. No WAY you should have to live like this!! I am indignant on your behalf. Go get 'em, Dusty!

Christy Lynn said...

Lee also says to write to your Congressman's office, that has to get fixed NOW. I can't believe what you've been going through with this "new" house!