Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Racism, a class I'm taking

Over the past 3 1/2 weeks I have been taking a class on Racism and ethnicity. I pictured this class to be absolutely miserable before I started. I hate the topic of racism. I hate the fact that people flip, twist and tangle your words to get something negative out of it. It's all just, well, stupid if you ask me. But the school says I'm required to take it so here I am taking this course. And actually learning something from it

This week we are focusing mainly on slavery and African American history in America. Which is fine, we all should study our history. It teaches us about how to change the future. But a few interesting things have come up, well, not necessarily come up, I mean I have just come across. They are out there for all to know. I just never read about them until this week.

We were asked an interesting question. How would you feel if the descendants of slaves were given a annual government stipend? Meaning a federal payment for their troubles.

This struck me as a very odd thing. My answer is no. Now let me explain why. Slavery was abolished more than 150 years ago. Today there are not any slaves alive. There have been several generations since then. I do not understand paying a family that never saw it, lived it or even understands it fully. I do understand that we all need to be aware of it so that it doesn't happen again. But I also think if you try to create these payments there are many others that should get some monetary payments as well. The Japanese descendants that were put into camps during the war, the German descendants that were interned, the Native American descendants that were robbed of land and moved and this list goes on and on. We need not to try to pay them off. We need to all join together.

I watched a YouTube video of Morgan Freeman yesterday that really impressed me. He was doing an interview with someone, I didn't recognize the dude, who was questioning him about his African American history. I was pleasantly surprised that Morgan Freeman does not like Black history month. Nor does he want to be called a Black man.

/Like myself I feel having a month set aside singles out that race. Maybe not intentionally, but it does. We do not celebrate Japanese history, German history, Dutch history, Native American history as a specified month. So why do we celebrate Black history so prominently? Why don't we just add that into our schools as part of American history. Because it is American history, like Morgan says. When a white child comes home from school during the month of Feb. and asks why doesn't he have a month, please tell me how to explain that to my child who is a descendant of Native Americans and Germans, who both suffered as well. I think if we all stop talking about someone being racist the issue will go away, in time. Lets stop trying to find the negative in someones words. We need to support each other. We need to love each other. Forget about the petty stuff. Please quit trying to break someone else down or get them fired. We all misspeak!!!

Most people are not racist and don't want to be and try not to be. But if you continue to throw things in their faces and belittle them and talk down to them they really are not going to like you even if you were blue. That's not racist it's a fact, they don't like you, no matter your hair color, skin color or eye color. There are so many races and ethnicity's in America, lets celebrate them all. Lets be Proud to be Americans. Be supportive of our Constitution. Love our Freedoms. Learn to speak English. Be willing to help each other. Be Proud of the American Flag. Celebrate the fact that you choose your own path.

I hope that many will read this and understand that the more we talk about racism the more it will grow. If we take the power away then it can not harm us any longer. This will take many years and it needs everyones support. We have made huge progress and have much more to make. Come on America, join together, and lets live a happy AMERICAN life.

I hope you will take this as my attempt at challenging others to think positive about our future for the children's sake. This is in no way meant to be a negative or hurtful commentary. Just my thoughts.

Come back soon to the Haskins House for more on own lives.