Monday, July 26, 2010

My Runaway

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Today was a day that I never wanted to see come. I experienced days like this as a child and never thought that as a mom I would see them come. A shock to me for sure.

I do my best to be the best mom and to make the best decisions for my babies. I really do. So today was really no different. I had decided to try a new method of consequences that had not been attempted in our family thus far.

Zulu was busted, by me, for whacking his older brother across the face and the side of the head with a toy. Omega was in major pain and really upset. I called Zulu down, after repairing and consoling the injured, and made him stand at attention. You military know what I'm talking about. You know, feet together, hands fisted, thumbs touching the thigh, shoulders straight, head straight, still and quiet. Yeah, that attention. While I calmly discussed what had just happened. I demanded, very politely, that he answer with a yes ma'am or no ma'am. He did as I requested but as I was talking to him I could see the anger building in his face and eyes. He started clinching those teeth and glaring the evil eye and turning red all at the same time. I amazingly, remained calm and collective, which is rare for me. I had this extreme feeling of peace. When I started asking deeper questions to Zulu about the situation, the consequences and what would happen if this were to occur to another person or at other places he just went off. It was like a freaking bomb. BOOM!!! Zulu was crying and had this deep, deep voice I had never heard before. I was a little frightened but he remained at attention and this gave me hope. He said I was mean. I was the meanest mom in the world. He said that he did not like me any more. He said that he just wanted to runaway.

Of course, my stomach jumped into my throat. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. I never thought it would happen. I gathered myself with tears running down my cheeks and calmly and quietly mentioned to him the things I do and provide for him. I asked if anyone else would do that and he said no. That got him to thinking. I told him how much I missed him while he was away and that I would miss him even more not knowing where he was or if he was OK. We were both crying by this time, but he was still at attention. I told him how much I loved him and how God had given him to me to raise and teach life's miserable lessons. I shared with him that I was responsible for preparing him for life as an adult. He continued to stream the tears. He was mad and I could see it eating him alive. I told him we do not hit. End of story. We solve our problems with words but never through physical violence. I do not want him to be physical. Zeus and I talk things through and these babies will know how to do that when they leave my guidance filled house for the real, adult world.

So after a good jumping on the trampoline to release his anger he came back in and climbed into my arms like a sweet baby.We cuddled and hugged and I told him and showed him how much I love him and need him here with me. I told him it is not time for him to leave yet. When it is time I will help him pack and move on to new places.

I was glad God was with me during this turn of events. He gave me strength, wisdom,and peace to get through a very scary point.I am grateful to have him with me because if I was alone it would not have been such a happy ending. Glory be to God that my child will be here just one more day.

Gotta love the misadventures of the Haskins House