Tuesday, July 6, 2010


What does July 4th mean to you?

Does it mean party, boating, grilling and hanging out?

Or does it dig a little deeper to the real and true meaning of having a holiday weekend.

Well to me July 4th is huge. I am an Air Force vet and I am married to an active duty officer. So when July 4th rolls around I get goose bumps. It is a day to be grateful and thankful. I appreciate the true sacrifice of those families who have lost a military loved one. I feel that we as Americans do not pay tribute or honor those sacrifices like we should. Its not always about money though either. Its about helping those widows or widowers raise those children, love those children and help them by getting a break from all the stress of daily life.

July 4th is about appreciating those active duty military TODAY. Say thank you once in a while. It makes a huge difference. Stop and put your hand over your heart and stand still when you hear the National anthem played. Respect our nations flag. Understand the hardships of all those families that have a family member away whether it be in Iraq or 3 states away in Alabama. Support them in their efforts to better their lives and their children's.

July 4th is about celebrating something great and that is FREEDOM.
Freedom to drive, walk, swim, sing, talk, learn, work, worship, help, cook, and all those things we get to do because we are a free nation. This is not a right my friend. This is something that was earned by hundreds of thousands of military men and women and the sacrifices their families made to let go of them.
We are a blessed nation and we need not forget how we got here and how we continue to keep those freedoms and blessings

I hope you all had a great weekend. I hope as those fireworks were going up into the air you were thankful.
I know I was.

Zeus and I threw a CELEBRATE AMERICA party on Saturday evening. We invited many of my husbands classmates and their families, neighbors, friends and Zeus' OTS classmates. It was incredible. We ended up with 57 people here. Yes, all at the same time. Awesome. I've never thrown a party for that many before. I did not plan on having that many over when all this started but as we added names and families it just grew and grew. It was wonderful. I loved every minute of it.

We had hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, tater tots, mac n cheese, beans, chips and dip, homemade ice cream, pound cake, flag cake, cupcakes, key lime pie, brownies, fudge, fruit, ice cream cake and lots and lots of cokes.

 It was so much fun. We played on the swing set, jumped on the trampoline, played Bola ball, and the crowd favorite, ROCKBAND. Rockband got played for over 4 1/2 hours straight.
It was great to see the many different people come together to celebrate and appreciate each other and the company we created. I sure hope everyone had a good time because we sure did.

It was a lot of people but we ended up fitting quite comfortably in and around our house. I was thrilled to know that the only thing that was broken, damaged or injured was the toilet seat. WOW, no little fingers, no arms, no heads, no glass knick-knacks or anything. Just the toilet. Fantastic. These families have well behaved and very respectful children. It was wonderful.

Thank you Chatfields, Burns, Rodriquez's, Powells, Pelkeys, Ponds, Morris, Sterlings, Kingerys, Cooks, Thorpes, Allens, Mayos, and Jegede. I enjoyed meeting and spending time with all the wives and getting a chance to chat with all the classmates and neighbors. What a joy it was.