Sunday, June 13, 2010

WOW, I just looked at the date of my last blog and my chin hit the floor. Geez, I've really neglected you guys out there. So sorry. But then again we have had an extremely busy month. But I am back for my weekly Thursday night blog. Hang with me.

The kids have been playing in a Spring soccer league here in Biloxi. It has been quite the experience to say the least. Zeus and I have been coaching the 3 oldest which are all on the same team and rooting on Ziggy, our youngest.

We have had the honor of having a player quit because she wanted it to be more social and have more players her age. You see this is the first season back since the devastating events of Katrina. So our league is in its infancy. We, as is the Commissioner are learning and working through all the kinks that come with putting something together such as a sports league.

Our commissioner, bless her heart, had no clue about what soccer is or what is needed. Nevertheless she felt the calling to tackle this position.

We as coaches have had to deal with endless schedule changes, unpainted fields, unmowed fields, no official fields, no team benches, no equipment, slim rosters, endless afternoon thunderstorms, Black flag conditions, rule changes, bugs, ants, cancellations and forfeits. Are you thinking the same thing I am? Yea, it has been a mess to say the least. I have been discouraged at times but keep reminding myself there are greater reasons I am here and those are all these bright children that just want to play. I was reading Nehemiah this morning and came upon chapter 2 verse 20. It was PERFECT. It talks about discouragement and success. That was exactly what I needed to read in this final week of soccer. Especially after this completely frustrating weekend.

Friday I was told that we would be moving the games up an hour due to the current heat advisory. Now, this weekend we are starting the first round of the playoffs. One would think that everyone would want to put forward their best and finish strong. But that did not seem to be the case. 10pm Friday night I received another phone call from the commish telling me that our game was cancelled due to forfeiture by the other team unable to man a team. What? are you kidding me? Wow, the other team only had 2 available players. WOW, totally frustrating. Now I had to contact my team that was to meet me at 9:45am the next morning for game warm-up. Not a happy coach by this point. So I send my email hoping that my team parents will check it before leaving in the morning. We still have to get up and take Ziggy to his 9 am game. Rush, Rush, Rush Saturday morning to get chairs, water, children fed, Ziggy dressed and make sure camera is in hand. We get to the baseball fields, turned soccer fields to find that the timed sprinklers did not get turned off all night and the fields were now the local duck pond. Frustrating beyond belief to see those fields flooded and sprinklers going strong. Major panic ensues and relocation's have to be found. Thankfully we were able to find places for all 4 games to play. None of the games started on time due to Sprinkler spoilage. WOW, what a morning. Then we find out that the 3rd place team in our league has had to forfeit as well thus defaulting our team and the Knights team to the championship game next week. Not the way I was hoping to get to the championship game but I am happy our team who truly deserved to be there was going to get the opportunity.

This week we watch as the heat advisory remains in effect going on 10 days now and looking at more evening thunderstorms, I think I am going to be jumping for joy come Fathers day knowing soccer season is finally over

Here are a few pictures of Ziggy's final game. He scored several times.

Come Back soon and see what we at the Haskins House are up to