Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well as you would imagine my first day had me feeling more like a freshmen walking into high school the first time. But I guess its kinda the same thing, my first time in college in 10 years. Just like I had been told by my friends and neighbors, I was completely overwhelmed. All these numbers swirling around my head (4 out 7, 2 attendance, 2 posts, 2 every other week, 10 classmates, 150 words, 300 words), and I was just stressed to figure out which number applies to what and how important each one means. The worst past is, I'm not even taking a math class yet. Oh boy

Now one of my classes is going great. I have a good handle of what is expected and when I need to complete assignments and such. The instructor is down to earth and answers questions quickly and has laid the instructions out completely. There is nothing to "figure out" on my own other than finishing my assignments. I am very pleased with the course.

But this second class is a NIGHTMARE, and I do mean nightmare. I am not real fond of the instructor and the instructions are obsolete half the time. Great way to get things started, then you throw in there classmates that write like they talk and do not follow instructions. Total disaster.

So my first assignment was to write a 300 word summary on the difference between race and ethnicity in my mind. Not very easy for me because I am highly opinionated and have some real concerns that race and ethnicity in America leave specific people out. I have friends and loved ones that are Hispanic and in this course Hispanics are not considered their own race. Stupid, I know. Now, I was on fire last night having a very heated conversation with Zeus about this because I feel Hispanics are not treated equal in this verbiage. Now, they have their own ethnicity but if you want to separate the two then there needs to be acknowledgement in their race. I do not consider myself a racist. I love all people who treat others with respect and with love, no matter your skin, hair or eye color. But this class is really gonna be tough for me because I do not agree with many ideas and feel for the people we have left out. Anyways, I submitted my summary last night and with a knotted stomach and against my own views I hid my extreme anger and followed the idea Zeus suggested. The next part of the class I despise of is the fact I have to write a paper, sometimes two every week. YUCK, its my first week back and I'm already writing papers. Looks like an A is out for this course. As long as I pass I will be satisfied.

I appreciate all the support from all my blog readers, FB friends, family and neighbors. The greatest part of this journey is listening to my children ask how my class is going. Asking if they can see my homework. They ask if I need more quiet time or if they are bothering me. They are truly concerned and excited about my attendance in college. Makes me more determined to succeed and show them it can be done.

FIRST DAY was a success, now unto day two. Wish me luck cause I definitely need every ounce I can get.
Blessings from the Haskins House and continue to check in on our adventures


Christy Lynn said...

Yay for you, Dusty! You hang in there, girl. Some teachers are gonna stink but you'll get some good ones too. You'll get there sooner than you think!!