Monday, June 21, 2010

It helps to know people

This past week we got the privilege to do something we already did but this time the babies got to join us. Remember this picture?

This was last September while we were in D.C., just before my husband PCS'ed.

On Sunday Zeus called a friend after we heard Mr. President was coming to town to have meetings on this here Gulf Oil spill. We turned in a few names, ours plus our next door neighbors . It was so last minute we did not expect to hear anything. But low and behold a email came in with our approval. Yippee! Rope line here we come.

Now we were under the impression that we were just going to see AF one land and see him get out and into the motorcade and depart. To our surprise Mr. Obama wanted to talk with and meet the people of Mississippi. So our family was able to shake hands and stand and talk with him. He really had a conversation with our children about school and summer. I was impressed that he took the time to speak with them on their level and about things they cared about. I was extremely happy that they were given the opportunity to meet with him. That was one thing I was sadden with in D.C., was the fact they never got to meet with him. Worry no more, that box was checked on Monday. Zeus had done his job and made that happen.

I am blessed and very thankful, because I know there are many people that go through life without ever getting to meet a President. NO matter who it is, just the fact that they are the sitting President is truly special.

All in all it was a great day. Seeing all that goes into moving him from location to location always gives me the chills.

Thanks to all the guys and gals at WHCA that worked to get that done for us. Home cooked dinner is not nearly enough, but I hope all of you know how thankful we are.
Blessings to each of you.

The military never seems to let us down and for that I am grateful.

Blessings to all my readers.
Come back soon for more news from the Haskins House.