Wednesday, April 7, 2010

and the waiting is over

This past week was a huge milestone not only to me but to my family as well. As a mother, not all, but most look forward to the day that their little birdie grows wings and learns to fly. I have always looked forward to this day. But I think it came more quickly than I imagined. Don't get me wrong here, OK. Here me out. I love all these beauties God loaned me. They are precious and I would not give them away for any amount of money.

I think as they get older and start to flourish it makes us thrilled and excited to see them learn more and do more. Kinda like the day when they crawl. walk. talk. You see its so thrilling. So as the day quickly approached, and I do mean quickly I begin to get excited.

Not for all the reasons many of you think. My little man is extremely intelligent and has been showing us signs for a LONG time. I have worked with him as have his older siblings. And because of this he is far ahead of where he should be, and that's great. But I had reached the point where I could not give him all the education needs in which he desired. So the time came to send him off to school. I was thrilled that he could make friends. I was ready for him to learn better writing skills. I was ready for him to be with others his own age. He was ready to go into a group setting. I was slightly looking forward to some time to myself. This was not my motivating factor at all. It truly was to get my baby the education he needs.

That day came on Tuesday when he attended his very first day of school. That was one of the first days he was not up and at em when the alarm went off. He really did not want to get out of bed at all. I was sad because I had to wake him. I was excited to see his face when he walked into that room with those other children. Once he was up he was GUNG HO for school.

He ate breakfast while explaining to me and the big kids what he was going to do that day at school. It was precious. He already had it planned out in his little mind. He got dressed all on his own, to my disappointment. I really did want to help him, my baby. Nope, He told me he did not need my help. OUCH!!! Then he promptly gathered his backpack and things and proceeded out the front door. One problem, we did not have to leave for 20 minutes. Yea, he was slightly excited. It was adorable. The best part of the morning was watching and listening to the big kids cheer him on and give him advice and ask him things. AWESOME. I was proud of the big kids for being so supportive and helpful. I was sad to. Because I knew this was it. No more baby. No more morning snuggles. No more hanging in our jammie's. No more excuses. All my babies have earned their wings. I was a little sad driving there. I was sure not to let him see it. I talked excitedly about what he would do. Then I walked him in and signed him in. Gave him a GIANT HUG AND KISS and away he went.

What a great day for him and super sad day for me.

Blessings to all of you! come back soon


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