Thursday, March 18, 2010

TV life


Porch conversations

Shopping excursions

Game playing

Poker nights

Afternoon Lunch

Morning coffee

Daily lawn talk

and the list goes on

What do you think all these things are?

These are a few of the activities that my street has been up to over the past 2 weeks.

Today is the first time I honestly felt like a Desperate Housewife or an Army Wife.

I never imagined I would actually live it.

I mean, I'll fess up and say this, I've really wanted a street like this for years.

Just thought it was another one of those ridiculous Hollywood fantasies.

The best part of it is we do not have all the dang drama.

Nobody is sleeping or imagining sleeping with someone elses spouse.

Nobody is ticked off with someone else, at least this week.

We have developed an amazing support group and for that I am thankful.

I will enjoy this surreal opportunity to be a part of something fun.

Blessings and come back soon to experience more from the Haskins House